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**Fashion Friday** Wardrobe 101: Bottoms

Mama Sara's Fashion Friday
Wardrobe 101 - Bottoms

How many times do you go and try to get dressed for the day or for an event and feel like you have NOTHING to wear but your closet is surprisingly full? 

Weird combo right? 

Well, I'm going to teach you what staples in your closet you should spend money on and what not to, how to stay up with the fashions but not breaking the bank at the same time and teaching you how to make the most out of your wardrobe! 

Exciting right???  

Being a "jewelry lady" I have told women for years that your closet should be filled with 30% clothing and 70% accessories and with having lost weight this is exactly what I have in my closet right now.  I have never had so little of clothes before and yet I have a TON of possibilities to still look nice.  I haven't bought but just a few new pieces with losing weight but I have gotten rid of a truck load of clothes and STILL I don't feel like I have no options. 

So today we are going to start Part 1 - Bottoms. 
No not your butt, your pants, that you should have in your closet. 

There they are! 
Yup just 3 necessary pairs. 

1. Dark pair of trouser jeans. 
What are trouser jeans?  According to 

"Trouser jeans are wide-leg or boot-cut dark denim jeans that, unlike fitted jeans, have more of a trouser look and design.  The classic style women’s jeans usually have a broad waistband, slanted front pockets and seamed backed pockets.  These denim trousers are comfortable and figure-flattering, and the ones that come in dark wash have a formal enough look to be worn as workplace jeans.  The great thing about trouser jeans is that these type of jeans can be easily worn on both formal and casual occasions. "
My favorite place to get trouser jeans are Eddie Bauer, they are expensive but they last for years!  And if you shop at the right time, you get them 50% off.  The pair I have up above I got for $29.99 and they are originally $69! 
You can find trouser jeans anywhere, here are some I found on just a quick search. 
Old Navy  New York & Co  Eddie Bauer

Just a few of my favorites.  Why a trouser jean you may ask?  Because like the definition said above...they are great for casual and dressier functions.  So pair with a cute cardigan or blazer or with a fitted Tshirt, you will look and feel great!  They go with everything!  I promise!

2. Khaki pants

I think we all know what khaki pants are, they are a great staple in your closet.  Perfect for more casual outfits.  You can easily dress them up or down depending on where you are going.  The key is to find a pair that fits you great!  Go shopping one afternoon and don't plan to buy anything.  Yup not a single thing.  Don't even bring your wallet just go and try on different brands and see what fits you.  For me Eddie Bauer jeans fit me well  and I can wear tops from NY&Co but not their pants, I have that big bulge in the back of my waist there.  Part of the battle is knowing what brands fits you.  So you have my permission to take a kid-free day and go "shopping" and your husband will love you because you won't spend a dime! 

3.  A great pair of black dress pants

Again, black pants everyone needs at some point and they too can be worn dressy or casual.  Like in my Fashion Friday post last week you saw how you can take a pair of black pants/Capri's and make them casual with a jean jacket.  Just because they are black and dressier doesn't mean you can't make them casual!  Big misconception!  Don't be afraid to spend money on a good pair.  Check out Marshall's or TJ max too for great brands on sale.  If you want them to last and keep their fit...spend money on pants NEVER go out of style, so invest in them. 

So there you have it.  Those are the 3 types of pants you need in your closet.  You can go off in different versions if you want, Capri's, skirts, etc but really those are all you need.  This is an area  you should be ok with spending money in.  The pieces will last longer and they will never ever EVER go out of style. 

pictures from pinterest
Have a great holiday weekend!!!  I'll be busy watching these two monsters

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