Saturday, August 11, 2012

A year ago....what a difference!

Last night after I posted the pictures of Ian I remembered I had pictures from last May when my nephew Luke was born so I pulled them up to see if I could tell much of a difference.  For some reason in my mind, the almost 30lbs that I have lost I can't seem to tell much of a difference visually sometimes.  Being able to look back at past pictures and see a difference makes me feel so good!  Tells me that what I am doing is working and I just gotta keep going! 

Feeling confident again

The last picture I didn't want pictures taken of me from the waist/chest down so I rarely had pictures of my full body.  What a difference though.  I'm pretty sure in this last picture I was trying to smile so it didn't make my face look so fat.  Makes me feel so sad for myself that that's how I let myself start to think but it also makes me proud of myself for turning things around and learning to smile again without thinking how I look when I do it.

On a sidenote.....look how big Miss H looks compared to these pictures.  Now THAT makes me wanna cry!  Where's MY baby???

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