Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Randomness

This past weekend was kind of bittersweet in many ways.  First one being that this is Miss H and I's last weekend together for the summer before school starts.  It hit me this weekend that summer is literally almost over.  No more living up Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the pool, we won't even make it to the pool again before it closes for the season.  Hard to believe it's over already.  Where has summer gone? 

Hailey spent some time at Grandma's house this weekend which she completely enjoyed.  My parents live in small SMALL town Ohio.  We rarely go back home there but when I do it kind of amazes me where I grew up and how different it is compared to how Miss H has growing up. 

Country roads leading up to the town I lived in growing up

My parents house...notice the fields are ALL sides

This is it!  Only one 4-way stop sign. 
Also this weekend on Saturday morning I FINALLY had a good run where I didn't feel so tight and like I had just started running.  And I actually passed someone at one point in my run and NO they weren't walking!  I felt so good it was such a relief to know that I didn't lose what I had started back in April.  I felt like a runner again and not a newbie trying it out.  And it didn't hurt that the weather was gorgeous this weekend, cool and comfy and no humidity! 

Love my mizunos
Also went on a walk with my sister Sunday night while Miss H and a friend road their bikes and it felt weird to be walking.  It was actually easy to go for a fast paced walk and at one point I told my sister we needed to run because it felt way too easy and I kind of wanted to get some what of a work out in.  We ran fast, I kept the pace for the short distance we ran and it felt good to not feel tight but I could not have kept it up for that long.  Plus we kept laughing so hard and as women, you know once you've had kids things down there just don't quite work the same and next thing we know we are laughing/yelling at each other to stop laughing because we are tinkling some!  HAHA!  Loved it, so funny! 

Afterwards I had a nice glass of this...

Sugar Free chocolate milk
They say chocolate milk helps recovery and who knows if it works but I'll take it!  Gives me an excuse to drink a glass of chocolate milk! 

Sunday morning I made Miss H breakfast like I always do on the weekends (something besides just cereal).  Here she is enjoying some eggs with her katsup...gross! 

Also this weekend, Miss H and I went shopping last minute on Sunday.  I am in desperate need of some new tops and her some nicer clothes for school starting.  I'm still a size 16 and that's ok, I know my sizes don't really change much on me even if I have lost almost 30lbs.  It'll probably take me another 30lbs to get into a 14 I bet.  Sucks! 

After shopping we went to Steak N Shake, Miss H's choice and she loved it.  It was a nice day together even if she did drive me crazy the entire time with her constantly asking for something that I already said no to 100000000x!!! 

She's too cool
Pretty good last weekend of our summer....just sad to see it go. 

Here we come busy non-stop schedules!!! 

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