Friday, August 24, 2012

Mama Sara's Fashion Friday!!! **Jean Jackets**

Mama Sara's Fashion Friday!!!

Did you figure out what I'm going to cover this Friday that I think EVERYONE should own at least one of??? 


You're thrilled I'm sure but in all seriousness my jean jacket is something that I've had for 10 years now and I LOVE IT.  I wear it all the time.  It's great light jacket for chilly nights out at the soccer field or a cool fall morning.  I despise plain old jackets just because they don't have much of a function besides well just being worn when it's cold out.  But a jean that has purpose AND fashion! 

You can easily take an outfit you wore to work and make it casual for the weekend out with friends just by throwing on a jean jacket.  Here are a few outfits that I just quickly grabbed out of my own closet and am going to show you some simple basic outfits that are great starting points to a quick but fashionable look.  Again, this is nothing special but its a sure way to make you look like you've got it all together! 

First look...monochromatic (all one color on top and bottom) and a jean jacket!  Pair with some great jewelry, and a great pair of heels and this is dressy casual look!

2nd look - pair with any color of top and a great pair of khaki....pair with a cute flip flop or heel and it's a great running errands look. 

Pair with your favorite cotton dresses from this summer for a nice transition from summer to fall.  Add some bold accessories and you've got a great comfy look!

Wear a great button up shirt with your jean jacket, just adds a little more detail to the look. 

Add a belt to a button up and your outfit becomes really cute!  And NO you don't have to be a size 0 to rock a stretchy belt...just pair it with a cute jacket or cardigan, it'll add a lot to your outfit! 
Tip to wearing your jean jacket GREAT!
Always roll  your sleeves up, it'll add more fit to the jacket and draw attention to the skinniest part of your body...YOUR WRIST!!
Hopefully you can see that there are SO many options when it comes to adding a jean jacket to your outfits, I literally pulled these outfits together in less than 10 minutes.  It's a no-brainer way to put a great look together.  Pair with some cute shoes and bold jewelry and you will definitely get a compliment while out and about! 
Check out Miss H rockin' her jean jacket yesterday on her first day of school! 
So keep your eyes out for a great jean jacket this fall or dig out that one in the closet...I promise it'll add a lot to your wardrobe! 

Happy Friday!!!


  1. ADORE Miss H rockin' the denim. So. Cute.

    There are so many people in this world that need to be my personal shopper.

  2. The only thing a jean jacket should not be worn with are jeans, unless they are white. I also agree everyone needs to have a jean jacket and they don't go out of style.

  3. Nice! I'm going to go through my stuff and see if I even have one anymore!


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