Sunday, August 19, 2012

Moving past the mental challenge

This weekend was a pretty good weekend, a mix of everything.  Friday evening around 8pmish I headed out for a run.  The weather this weekend was amazing and I took full advantage of being able to run in the cooler temps. 

While I was rocking out to this

I headed out on a new path that I have never ran before in my neighborhood.  Lately since I've been running by myself I've really had to learn how to push myself further without leaning on anyone to help pull me through the tough times.  Well Friday night, I felt amazing during my run, just awesome.  I was pumping myself with lots of positive talk and telling myself to look how awesome I am doing and how far I have come.  I was even smiling at some sections of my run and when I started to feel tired or wanting to give up, I got mad at myself.  I had to yell at myself in my head "no you are not tired!  Your legs feel great keep going don't you dare stop!"  And it got me through it, I have to be mean to myself!  I just have to start checking in with my body and see how I really truly feeling and most of the time when I do this, I realize how well I feel.  I did kind of shoot myself in the foot at one point because I picked up my pace and then I got a side ache towards the end of my run and I had to walk a little but only for a few yards and I ran the rest of the way home. 

Got home and I grabbed Toby and jumped in the car and drove the route I ran and it was 2.1miles!!!  That is the furthest I have ever run BY MYSELF.  Yes I have ran further but it makes a HUGE difference when you run by yourself, running is all mental and you really have to push yourself through those tough times.  I felt so good Friday night, I was tired but man I felt good. 

Saturday morning I got up early and took Toby for a walk, wasn't going to run just because I wanted to give my legs a break.  We walked probably 2.5 miles.  It was chilly out, actually wore a sweatshirt for the first time all summer but it was so nice out.  Love my quiet mornings outside. 

Saturday night I had a date night with my boy....we were very exciting and ended up at Sam's Club....yes we're awesome!

Sunday morning I got up early again and headed out for a run.  My goal was to go the same path I went Friday night but to make sure I paced myself that I didn't get a side ache and didn't walk at all.  It was chilly out but felt so good.  I'm so ready for the fall weather to stay around and for every morning to have that refreshing start to the day.  And I did it, no walking and I kept my pace and ran the entire 2.1 miles and NO side ache!!!

Also on Sunday I had Miss H's open house at school.  So much fun but just total chaos and craziness!  Just nuts.  Miss H looked so big compared to last year.  I'm so excited for her but so nervous for her as well, she's growing up so fast! 

Also got a chance to see another comparison of last year at this time and where I have come in just 4 months.  I feel amazing.  I can't believe how my body is changing and it's great! 

Not only am I thinner but look how much Miss H grew in a year!  She was below the boobs last year and this year her head is at the very top of them.  Nice way of measuring huh?  ha!  She's getting so big!!!!  AHHH! 

It was a great weekend, I felt like I'm actually getting somewhere with my running and feeling strong again.  Seeing myself push past the mental block is an amazing feeling, I can't wait to see where I am in a month from now! 


  1. Hi Sara!

    I'm a new follower. I think I found your blog through the Running Mamas group on BabyCenter. Just skimmed through your blog and I just wanted to say that what you are doing is amazing! Keep it up! Women like yourself are what inspire me to keep up with my fitness as well. It's definitely hard when you have a family to take care of, but I'm glad you are taking care of yourself too!

    If you want, I have a fitness blog too.. It's kind of boring haha... especially because I hardly take any photos. I know people like photos! Anyway, check it out if you get a chance:

    Happy running!

    1. Thanks for the compliments, means a lot!!! I'll definitely be checking out your blog!


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