Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In and Measurements

Weighed myself this morning and I dropped 2.2lbs since last week for a total of 28.9lbs!!!

Very exciting to see me getting close to 30lbs total lost, seems like its taking me FOREVER to get there doesn't it?  It's been frustrating to see how little I've lost in the last month, however, this past weekend I measured myself.  I haven't measurement myself since July 10th and thought it was time. 

Starting measurements on 2/15/12
Arms - 15
Thighs - 27
Waist - 46
Bust - 46.5
Hips - 50
Neck - 15.5

Measurements on 7/10/12       as of 8/18/12
Arms - 13.5                          13          -.5
 Thighs - 24                          23          -1
Waist - 41                             39         -2
      Bust - 42                           40.5       -1.5
   Hips - 45                            44           -1
Neck - 15                             14.5       -.5

That's a total of 6.5 inches lost in the last 5 1/2 weeks!!!  WOW!!!! 

All while I've only lost 5lbs in the last 6 weeks and was getting discouraged because it felt like I wasn't getting anywhere and here I have the entire time!!!  That's is amazing!  I had to re-measure myself a couple of times because I kept thinking there is no way I dropped that many inches.  Feels so good to see that something else is happening when I don't even realize it!  That is a total of 26 inches lost in the last 4 1/2 months!!  Definitely glad I took my measurements when I started. 

Onto other news, after I worked at PTO open house last night I was able to get a 2.1 mile run in while my mom was still over.  Thanks Mom!  It's amazing to me how every run is so different.  I planned on adding just a little to my run and trying to make it maybe 2.5 but once I started running I could tell it was going to be difficult to just do the 2.1 miles so that's all I planned on doing.  It was tough.  I got a side ache around 1/2-3/4 of a mile...yeah didn't even hit a mile yet and I was already in pain.  No idea what causes this, I think its when I let my breathing get out of control and don't keep my nice and easy rhythm.  It eventually went away but then my legs really started to feel tight and I had to really pump myself with positive thoughts. 

You can do this, look how far you've come!
You just did this route this weekend, you can do it, you know you can!
Don't stop, you aren't a quitter!
If this was a race you wouldn't have the option of stopping, you gotta keep going you can do it!

It was very tough to say the least, and I just focused on one stretch of my run at a time and kept looking ahead and trying not to focus on what my legs were doing.  Thankfully great songs came on my iPhone towards the end of my run and helped pump me up to finish and I was even able to sprint to my house once I turned on my street.  Felt great and I was proud of myself for pushing through the discomfort and still finishing what I planned to do. 

Got home and immediately grabbed my rice packs and put them on my shins and knees.  I wasn't really hurting but I think icing afterwards no matter how I feel really helps. 

I'm really wanting to start pushing myself to be able to run more through the week and get my body used to running every day so icing and lots of stretching is going to be a must. 

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Yes, the icing and stretching helps a lot! It saved my hips and knees...


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