Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In

I am feeling rather stuck right now.  I think last weeks number was a fluke because I never saw it again the rest of the week.  I am "up" 2.8lbs but I don't think that's accurate.  If I use my weight before vacation to now, I've lost 1lb and I would guess that's more like it.  I'm not being bad but I'm not being really good either with my eating/working out. 

Yeah 1lb in the last month isn't great.  Like I've said before, I'm stressed and VERY busy right now in our evenings and it's hard to get a workout in let alone fight the urge to snack when I'm stressed.  Plus I've also noticed that I've slacked off on my water intake and I really feel like that makes a HUGE difference in weight loss.  

I need to get back to my basics and making sure I do something active every night but right now that seems almost impossible with our schedule.  This week we have something EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT....seriously?!?!  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Tonight I'm hoping to get a run in after I work an open house at school for the PTO board table with Miss H tagging alone on her bike.  Let's pray she's in a cooperative mood when I get home and that it doesn't rain! 

Here's to keeping on when feeling stuck! 

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