Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Run, Another Bribe

Last night I was able to get another run in with Miss H but again it took another bribe, another deal we had to make with each other. 

Miss H knew exactly what she wanted........the park.  Ok...we can definitely do that. 

So we head out going about the same path that we went last night except this time we don't back track like we did last night and Miss H wants to cut it short and go right to the park. 

WHAT???  I should have known. 

Oh well, so while she played at the park and I went up and down the sidewalk in front of the park a few times and then I did some push ups and other stuff while Miss H played.  We played together for a while and I watched her swing, she's so proud of herself that she can "pump" herself now and get herself really high. 

Last night as I was sitting at the park watching her play I just couldn't help but smile and love every moment.  THIS is what life is about.  Being active and doing things with family.  Sometimes being a single parent I don't have a lot of time to just sit and spend time with Miss H because of the 1,223,998 things that are on my "To Do List" constantly.  I'm the only one who does all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, organzing our schedules and knowing whose gotta be where at what time, planning play dates, practicing math, reading, writing, days of the week and teaching how to tell time....there is always something we should be doing!  In those rare moments where there is nothing to do but just be with each other, are those moments that I truly enjoy. 

Even though it is INSANELY hard to get Miss H out on her bike some nights so that I can go run, it's worth it.  Even after all the whining and complaining, and asking to go home early after just 5 minutes (REALLY kid, you can't be tired already??), and having to strategically avoid the neighborhood park as best as I can when we are out because I know that will just escalate the whining and complaining because she wants to stop there and end my run's worth it.  I'm bonding with my daughter and getting a chance to spend time with her and give her a chance to talk to me when she probably normally wouldn't. 

Miss H is one that she can't talk to me about "sensitve" topics that she's embarressed about or thinks she'll get in trouble for bringing them up, but when she's on her bike ahead of me NOT directly looking at me, sometimes we have the best conversations.  Granted I may only be able to huff a yes or no or OH that's cool and then die of lack of air sometimes, but I'll never tell her that.  Running is not only my me time but it's my time with my daughter. 

To think that being a single parent and not being able to afford a gym membership where daycare was available was my biggest excuse why I couldn't get out and exercise is just a big old sad excuse.  Yes it is harder because my only way to get out and run is outside WITH my daughter unless my sister or brother-in-law are available or my boyfriend is off work which doesn't always work because he works nights!  I've realized that sometimes you just have to work with what you got and if you want it badly enough you'll make anything work.  Sometimes that leads me to begging and maybe a bribe to the frozen yogurt store afterwards...but hey it works so whatever!  Don't judge! 

Something is better than nothing.  Running while my daughter rides her bike is better than just staying at home sitting on the couch and teaching my daughter the value of being healthy and active so that hopefully she doesn't struggle with her weight like I have, will make it all worth it! 

And you know's working!  I can FEEL it working.  I have a whole closet full of clothes that is either way too big on me, clothes that fits me better than it ever has or stuff that finally fits me perfectly! 

I no longer have acid reflux like I used to and don't even have any tums in my house anymore!  I had forgotten about this one until just the other day we were in Wal-mart and I saw a tums bottle and realized it's been 4 months since I've had to take a tums!  That is exciting! 

No matter how bad I have to beg Miss H to get out on her bike or go for at least a walk with is worth it is so many ways! 

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