Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Coach is in town!

Last night our night changed in plans for the best and it turned out to be a great night.  I was supposed to work at a open house at school for the PTO but things changed with that and I got to leave early!  I went and got Miss H and we ran to the store and came home and just chilled out together. 

I wasn't feeling the best last night but still wanted to do something so I asked Miss H if she would go on a walk with me, after much convincing she finally gave in!  The agreement was she got to watch Doc McStuffins and THEN we went on a walk.  DEAL! 

picture from
Have you seen this show?  Probably one of my new favorites from Disney! 

Around 8pm we got our tennis shoes on and was ready to head out the door and Miss H decides she wants to ride her bike and I say to myself then well ok then I guess I might run and take advantage of it.  We started out walking and then we got to the stop sign at the end of the street and Miss H turns me and says

"Ok Mom, you have to run where ever I decide to go ok?" 

"Alright girlfriend, you got a deal!" I tell her. 

She led me down the street and around a condo community and then back down the street again and then back home.  It was a perfect run!  I felt great.  There were a few times where my mind tried to get the best of me but I just didn't let myself think about the distance and just ran.  I really have an issue when I start to think about how far I've ran or how far I have to go yet and it plays a total mind game with me and makes me think that I can't go any further or my run will suddenly get harder.  But I kept that in check and just focused on what I was doing and that was following Miss H around the neighborhood. 

I love so much that I am able to do this with her.  She likes it better when I run while she rides her bike because I can keep up with her better then when I used to walk and she rode her bike.  She thought it was hilarious she was THE COACH for the night and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  We are out exercising together, spending time together just the two of us, I'm setting a good example for her and we are outside rather than inside.  Can't really get much better than that! 

Coach H!
Have a fantastic Wednesday!

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