Thursday, August 16, 2012


I'm a damn mess today...let's just be honest.  This has nothing to do with running or losing weight.  Just being a mom. 

My darn friends are posting all over Facebook pictures of their kids 1st day of school pictures....STOP IT I tell ya!  I'm a damn sucker for those photos and it's making it much MUCH harder for me to believe I'm going to have a 1st grader next Wednesday! 

I can't handle it.  Seriously...why does time have to go THIS fast!  Wasn't she just learning to walk yesterday and ride a bike and sneaking in my purse to find gum (ok she still does that) but COME ON!!! 

I can't start crying already....THE day isn't here yet!  Dang it....too damn late!  UGH!!!!!! 

Any other mom's out there crying because their babies are growing up too fast???  Does the first day of school ever get easier or am I just a big ole baby? 

1st day in daycare
1st day of pre-school

1st day of kindergarten

Tell me it gets easier!   I'll be in my office here at work with the door shut and a box of tissues.  I'm gonna have to take off work on the 1st day school if I'm like this already and we are 6 days from school starting!  geez! 

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