Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm Baaaack!!!

We are back from vacation and I have very good news!!! 

Somehow over the last 2 weeks I have lost 3.8lbs making my total weight loss so far 29.5lbs!!!! 

Reason I say the last 2 weeks is because the week prior to vacation I ran almost every morning and always forgot to weigh myself when I got up and I also really just didn't care.  I think I kind of have been over doing it on the running end by the way my body is acting (more on that below) and so I just backed off some on caring.  Then vacation came and I didn't have access to a scale until I got back which really made me think about what I was putting in my mouth.  I didn't go crazy watching what I eat because we were on vacation and I wanted to give myself a little bit of a break but I also was scared to death of coming back and gaining 10lbs and having to start all over again in a spot I didn't want to be. 

Vacation was great, not exactly relaxing having 2 kids and 2 adults along but it was fun and it had its moments of relaxation and I did cme back with a tan so overall it was a good trip.  Here's a few pictures from the trip.

Out on my 1 run I did during vacation.  Only did about 1 mile - 1.5 miles..way to humid for me!
Almost everyone morning or evening me and Miss H went on a walk on the beach searching for sea shells.  We didn't find as many as we did 2 years ago on our trip to Cancun but it was still fun to walk along the beach with Miss H.  Miss H also loved the ocean this time, 2 years ago in Cancun I was lucky to get her to put her feet in the water but this tim she was a fish in it.  Constantly running up and down the beach, jumping the waves and playing in the sand.  It was a good trip to finish out the summer on.  Which I can't believe the summer is almost over...2 1/2 weeks school starts and I am not ready! 

We left earlier than we planned for home which ended up working out great and gave us extra time at home to get caught up on sleep and laundry.  Finally come Saturday morning I was able to get my first run in after vacation and it was rough.  I went our usual 2 mile path and I had to walk some of it.  Not sure what is going on with me.  The Friday before we left for vacation when my sister and I was running my legs felt SOOOO tight!  I mean I was going sloooooow and I have no idea what caused it.  I wasn't this bad on Saturday but I could feel my legs tightening up at times. 

exhuasted after my Saturday run
Come Monday morning I ran with my sister agan at 5am and again I just felt tight, my foot was hurting me and it normally never does when I run, just overall I felt like crap, we ran around 1 mile and that's it.  WHAT the heck is HAPPENING????  I was able to do 2-2.5 miles before vacation and now 1 mile is pushing it????  I don't know if I over did it the week I ran 4 out of the 5 mornings or what but you would have thought that being on vacation for a week and only running once then would be enough rest time.  I don't know if anyone has any words of widom I'd love to hear it.

Good thing is the scale went down and I didn't gain over vacation! 


  1. Your body may need some active recovery-- stretching, heat/ice, rolling, massage, etc. I'd look into different massage/recovery techniques and see if those help. Are you warming up before your runs? That may also help! I know my hip flexors and hamstrings are grumpy if I don't do any kind of warmup.

    Yay for vacation! And for the weight loss! And tanning!

    1. What kind of warm up do you suggest? Most of the time when I run in the morning I just get up in time to make sure I get a good stretch in and then immediately starting running once my running buddies meet me.


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