Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Feeling the stress of it I keep it together

As I mentioned yesterday we have 2 weeks today from when school starts and I am already starting to feel the pressure of the beginning of the school year.  I'm ready for the school year to start but I am not ready for the millions of places I'm going to have to be and all the money that is going to have to be paid out for everything. 

Rarely as a single mom do I feel like I "need" a spouse or wish I had a spouse that could help me out but during the month of August and even part of September is when I kind of wish I did. 

Just last night I got emails upon emails about things coming up for Miss H. 

School Open House
PTO meetings (which I'm on the board for....why did I say I would do that????)
Soccer practices AND games
Soccer picture schedule
School Supply Shopping
Girl Scout meetings

And to top it off...I'm not just a mom who works and comes home and that's it.  I have a jewelry business too that I do shows for about 2-3 times a month, plus a monthly training.  OH and I'm trying to lose weight and gotta find time to run in there.   And then there's also just stuff around the house that everyone has...laundry, cleaning, making food.  The list just doesn't end!!! 

My saving grace
Call me crazy but I have 2 calendars that keep my life that I keep in my purse and one that is on the front of my fridge.  Between these 2 things I constantly know what I am supposed to be doing and where I'm going. 

I have come to a point within the last year that I literally almost can't remember anything and trying to remember it all just adds way too much stress.  Days and weeks get confused and next thing I know I've missed something or am behind.  Once Miss H is in school I'll probably even some how add her homework stuff to my calendars just so I don't forget anything. 


Breathe Sarah....Breathe.....It'll all work out......right???  YES!  Yes it has to!!

Another thing I do...and yes I am a type-A person...I've learned to be....I am a list maker or again, I'll forget something or miss something. 

When things get crazy and I want to make sure everything gets done...a To Do List is a MUST!  Keeps me on track and I don't forget anything.  Frees up my mind so I can focus on getting things done rather than remembering what needs done and making sure I'm not forgetting anything in the process. 

Am I feeling the stress of school!!!!  However...I know that after tonight and me having a free evening of getting things organized and checked off my to do list it's going to be a lot better! 

And if it's not....well I'll be out running at 9pm again like I did last night running off the stress!  And maybe enjoying some of this that my co-worker put on my desk this morning

It must be obvious I'm stressed!

Are you stressing over the beginning of the school year?  Do you have a way you keep things organized? 

Keeping things real,

Mama Sarah

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