Friday, August 31, 2012

**Fashion Friday** Wardrobe 101: Bottoms

Mama Sara's Fashion Friday
Wardrobe 101 - Bottoms

How many times do you go and try to get dressed for the day or for an event and feel like you have NOTHING to wear but your closet is surprisingly full? 

Weird combo right? 

Well, I'm going to teach you what staples in your closet you should spend money on and what not to, how to stay up with the fashions but not breaking the bank at the same time and teaching you how to make the most out of your wardrobe! 

Exciting right???  

Being a "jewelry lady" I have told women for years that your closet should be filled with 30% clothing and 70% accessories and with having lost weight this is exactly what I have in my closet right now.  I have never had so little of clothes before and yet I have a TON of possibilities to still look nice.  I haven't bought but just a few new pieces with losing weight but I have gotten rid of a truck load of clothes and STILL I don't feel like I have no options. 

So today we are going to start Part 1 - Bottoms. 
No not your butt, your pants, that you should have in your closet. 

There they are! 
Yup just 3 necessary pairs. 

1. Dark pair of trouser jeans. 
What are trouser jeans?  According to 

"Trouser jeans are wide-leg or boot-cut dark denim jeans that, unlike fitted jeans, have more of a trouser look and design.  The classic style women’s jeans usually have a broad waistband, slanted front pockets and seamed backed pockets.  These denim trousers are comfortable and figure-flattering, and the ones that come in dark wash have a formal enough look to be worn as workplace jeans.  The great thing about trouser jeans is that these type of jeans can be easily worn on both formal and casual occasions. "
My favorite place to get trouser jeans are Eddie Bauer, they are expensive but they last for years!  And if you shop at the right time, you get them 50% off.  The pair I have up above I got for $29.99 and they are originally $69! 
You can find trouser jeans anywhere, here are some I found on just a quick search. 
Old Navy  New York & Co  Eddie Bauer

Just a few of my favorites.  Why a trouser jean you may ask?  Because like the definition said above...they are great for casual and dressier functions.  So pair with a cute cardigan or blazer or with a fitted Tshirt, you will look and feel great!  They go with everything!  I promise!

2. Khaki pants

I think we all know what khaki pants are, they are a great staple in your closet.  Perfect for more casual outfits.  You can easily dress them up or down depending on where you are going.  The key is to find a pair that fits you great!  Go shopping one afternoon and don't plan to buy anything.  Yup not a single thing.  Don't even bring your wallet just go and try on different brands and see what fits you.  For me Eddie Bauer jeans fit me well  and I can wear tops from NY&Co but not their pants, I have that big bulge in the back of my waist there.  Part of the battle is knowing what brands fits you.  So you have my permission to take a kid-free day and go "shopping" and your husband will love you because you won't spend a dime! 

3.  A great pair of black dress pants

Again, black pants everyone needs at some point and they too can be worn dressy or casual.  Like in my Fashion Friday post last week you saw how you can take a pair of black pants/Capri's and make them casual with a jean jacket.  Just because they are black and dressier doesn't mean you can't make them casual!  Big misconception!  Don't be afraid to spend money on a good pair.  Check out Marshall's or TJ max too for great brands on sale.  If you want them to last and keep their fit...spend money on pants NEVER go out of style, so invest in them. 

So there you have it.  Those are the 3 types of pants you need in your closet.  You can go off in different versions if you want, Capri's, skirts, etc but really those are all you need.  This is an area  you should be ok with spending money in.  The pieces will last longer and they will never ever EVER go out of style. 

pictures from pinterest
Have a great holiday weekend!!!  I'll be busy watching these two monsters

Thursday, August 30, 2012

3 Miles BABY!!!!

Last night was just freaking awesome. 

That's all there is to it. 

My BFF, Kristina, and I decided we wanted to go for a run together last night and so we did.  I really wanted to run 3 miles this week.  I haven't hit it yet and I so badly wanted to see that number.  It was time I saw it. 

Well we freaking DID IT!!!!! 

Negative splits baby!!!!
We didn't just stop at 3 miles we went 3.22 miles!!!!!!!!  HOLY FREAKING COW BELLS!!!!!!!!!!

I felt AMAZING last night during my run.  I got done and I I could do 4 miles!  haha!  Why that was my first thought I'm not sure but wow!!!!!

We stopped and walked some before we got to my house and my legs felt like they just kicked some major booty!  And man did they!!!!!!!

I felt runners high for the first time ever last night!  I cried in the shower after my run because I just can't and still can't believe ME...SARAH, ran that.  Seriously who would have ever thought....definitely not me! 

And to make it even more amazing...we had negative splits!  We got faster the further we ran!!!  WHO DOES THAT????  Apparently we do! 

This morning on my way to work I just couldn't help smile at myself...and got tears in my eyes again!!! 

I freaking did it!!!!!  I set out in April that by the fall I wanted to be able to run 3 miles and I CAN FREAKING DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!   Shut the front door, hot damn I rock!!!!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Who rocks???  I ROCK!!

That's all I got today...3 miles baby!!   Since Saturday I have ran just over 9 miles!!!  WHOOOHOO!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where I've noticed changes at

Tonight while I was taking a bubble bath (be jealous ladies) I was thinking about all the changes that I've noticed since I've started focusing on losing weight and getting back into shape and thought I'd share my list. 

  1. Right now I have the least amount of clothes I've ever had because I'm being cheap and not buying anything new yet....this will actually kind of lead into my Fashion Friday post!  *hint hint*
  2. I fit into clothes that I "grew out of" and are actually baggy on me now
  3. I no longer find myself having to take a big breathe to catch my breathe after doing the simplest of things. 
  4. I no longer suffer from acid reflux or heart burn, at all!  No tums for me anymore! 
  5. When taking my bubble baths I don't feel like I'm squeezing myself into the bath tub anymore, there is actually room on BOTH sides of my hips and thighs, before that wasn't true.
  6. Water is my first choice of drink now, I used to hate drinking water.
  7. You RARELY see me drinking pop, and if I do, I limit myself to one a week if that. 

  8. My fridge has always got fresh veggies and fruits in it.
  9. I pack my lunch daily now, I used to eat out for lunch a lot
  10. I've saved money because of #9
  11. I also don't feel so full after lunch because of #9, amazes me how much I actually need to satisfy my hunger and it's not much at all.
  12. I eat breakfast every single day.  I used to think I wasn't hungry for breakfast and so why put those extra calories into my body.
  13. I no longer stop at the gas station on the way to work to grab a coffee or mountain dew
  14. On my way to jewelry show I no longer stop at gas stations for a pop and a candy bar.  I can't remember the last time I had a candy bar. 
  15. I actually think about my portion sizes now and try to balance everything out. 
  16. I feel good in my own body
  17. I feel stronger, when I walk I can tell my body is stronger
  18. Before even stepping on the scale I can typically tell if I've lost weight even before the number pops up, I'm that in tune with my body. 
  19. I can physically see my legs, stomach, butt and arms shrinking. 
  20. I can wear running shorts and I've never been able to .  And love them, so comfy! 
  21. I love feeling sore from a good work out.
  22. I love running, even though it's harder than anything I've ever done, I love pushing my body that hard.
  23. That Miss H is starting to pick up on my habits....wanting to eat fresh veggies and fruits before junk food. 
  24. When Miss H is out riding her bike with Aunt Tracy, she sounds like me "just one more block, you can do it!  Exercise is healthy for you." 
  25. I sleep better
  26. I can't remember the last time I felt stuffed
  27. The thought of feeling stuffed makes me feel nauseous
  28. Because I drink so much water....I spend way more time going to the bathroom a day
  29. Going for a fast paced walk is now too easy for me. 
  30. I'm not hiding behind the walls I built up around myself anymore...I know I'm overweight and I'm not afraid to say it...but I'm doing something about it that is so empowering! 
  31. I'm excited for our Christmas card picture this year, I know I am going to like the way I look in it after way too many years of being ashamed of it.
  32. My jewelry is actually starting to fit better.  Necklaces, watches, bracelets, and even my rings are all fitting me differently. 
  33. And I am confident that this time next year, I will look a lot different than I do now and that I'm not going to stop until I get there. 
  34. Miss H is noticing my body is changing, just the other day she said "Mommy you are losing a lot of weight!" 
  35. No longer feeling like I need to wear shape wear every single day.
  36. I feel confident going and working out with someone else and just going out by myself and not caring what the cars passing me are thinking. 
I may have lost 30lbs so far...but that is just the tip of the ice berg of all the other changes going on.  I can't imagine what else I will notice in the next 30 lbs. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekly Weigh in - FINALLY 30lbs!!!

I finally hit it...last week I lost 1.2lbs and FINALLY, FINALLY, hit 30.1lbs lost!!!!  THANK  YOU JESUS!!!! 

I am now only 9lbs left to being what I was when I left the hospital with Hailey and 14lbs to what I was before I was preggers 6 1/2 years ago (yes I left the hospital with only 5lbs to lose...makes me kick myself every day for letting myself go so much)!!!  I can't tell you how badly I want to see that number finally pop up on the scale.  When it does, I will probably fall to the bathroom floor and just cry in happiness and excitement.  I can do it!!! 

30.1lbs (can't forget the .1lbs!!) lighter!!! 
Last night I went out for another run.  It was just a quick one because I didn't leave till 8:20pm and it's already starting to get dark at that point here in Ohio.  It was a big ole boring run.  Because it was getting dark out I didn't go too far and just kept curving around my neighborhood, up and down side streets and lots of ins and outs....not fun. 

I've also noticed that I need to work on pacing myself better.  I feel so good at the beginning of my runs and then I poop out around 1.5 miles and struggle doing anything after that.  I need to go slow and steady and I know I could go longer if I did that.  Any suggestions on doing this??? 

Monday night run
Also lately what's been helping me stay on track while I crave something sweetie and so heavenly delicious is this...

I don't know what it is but right now, this snack is HEAVEN!  I get the crunch I love from the celery and the peanut butter is just enough sweet for me that it kills any cravings for something that starts with a CH and ends in OCOLATE.  This has been a key thing on my journey is finding what will kill those cravings but still fulfill them in a healthy way.  Do you have a healthy snack you love??? 

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Homemade Waffles

Mama Sara's Homemade Waffles

Last night I tried something new and that was making my own waffles and freezing them for Miss H.  I really like her getting a good breakfast in the morning, especially a hot one if I can make the time for it.  I'm not a fan of the sugary cereals at all.  I want something that I know will last her until her lunch at 11:15am at school and so I decided to make my own waffles. 

Normally I just buy a big box of Eggo Waffles because it's easy but after seeing how nice these waffles turned out last night, I will not be doing that again!! 

1 batch made 12 square waffles!! 
Waffle Recipe:
2 eggs
2 cups flour
1/2 cup veg oil or melted butter
1 3/4 cup milk
1 TBSP brown sugar
4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt

whisk all together until batter is smooth

I only put about 3/4 cup of batter in the waffle maker at a time and they came out perfect. 

This morning I wasn't sure how well they put turn out after in the toaster but they were perfect and Miss H gobbled them up. 

Next batch I think I might add some fruit to them or chocolate chips for a special treat. 

A cheap and easy way to make a great breakfast for my family! 


Weekend Recap - Making the time

This past weekend we didn't have a whole lot going on and so I wanted to really try to get in as much running as I could with having Miss H.  I said it before I've slacked off some on exercising every day and that's partly because it is so dang hard to get Miss H out the door.  It involves a lot of whining, maybe some bribing for park time or just plain old telling her we are going outside and just going.  I managed to get in around 5 miles this weekend and I'm pretty happy with that. 

Friday night around 7:30 I started telling Miss H that I wanted to go for a run and asked her if she wanted to try to run with me or ride her bike.  This is what I got...

She started to put a movie in...huh? 
 She loves to try to ignore me sometimes, she may be only 6 but she's going on 16 full-force some days!  After telling her if she didn't go out on a run/bike ride with me that she would be going to bed at her usual time rather than staying up later on the weekends she went and grabbed her tennis shoes! 

Ready to try running with Miss H.  She looks adorable...I look a hot mess
little cutie
 We started out walking some and then we started to run.  She did ok for the first block and then it was pulling teeth after that.  She'd run and then walk but she did pretty good for her first time out with me.  I ran the whole time just a lot slower.  I'd say we got in around a mile together.  We ran back home and she got on her bike and I ran just a little longer to try to get in a decent run.  It was fun and she seemed pretty excited that she tried it! 

Saturday Miss H had soccer and then a birthday party.  At her age you never know if parents are going to stay or leave the birthday party and so I was kind of planning on staying but once we got there Miss H wanted me to leave.  Not that I complained, I'll take 2 hours to myself!  Got home and decided I was going to go for a run.  Probably not the smartest move I've done yet but I was safe about it.  It was HOT this weekend and running at 1pm in the afternoon is something that I've never done before but I thought it couldn't be that bad and I could always walk if it got that bad.  I had no desire to run a certain distance, just wanted to get out and run while I had a moment to myself. 

And I wore a black tank top...stupid!
I started out feeling good but as time went on I just got hot.  I was sweating like crazy and could just feel my body temp rising and so I stopped and walked the rest of the way home and immediately rumped into a cold shower.  Never purposely taken a cold shower before and O.M.G did it feel amazing!!!!! 

One cool thing that I tried out this weekend was a new app I heard of.  It's called RunKeeper. 
It literally tracks your runs for you and tells you how far you've ran.  Pretty cool!!  I tried it out on Saturday and was pretty impressed with it. 

Here is my Saturday run, tells you how far I ran, how long and what my average pace was.  Pretty cool!!!  And it's a free app so check it out!

Sunday we churched it and then ran to the grocery store afterwards.  Got home and made lunch and started cutting up my veggies for the week.  Something that I've learned to help keep me on track with eating my veggies is to always have them cut up and to find the time to cut them up is to do it right away.  You get home from the grocery store and you're already in the kitchen putting things away, so just stay in there and cut everything up.  I know if I leave the kitchen trying to get motivated to cut everything up later is like pulling teeth.  I dont' like doing it and so I gotta do it while I'm putting things away because I know I won't want to come back to it later. 

Miss H enjoying some of the cauliflower as I cut it seeing her enjoy veggies like her mama. 
Sunday night I wanted to get another run in, a decent one for the weekend and so I had to drag Miss H out with me again.  She hoped on her bike and surprisingly she didn't complain much at all, which was good because it was so hot out still at 7pm last night and I think if she would have complained much it would have just made me quit all together. 

Sunday personal distance record!
I was surprised how far we went, especially since it was so hot out but we did it.  I was one sweaty hot mess when we got done.  I'm not sure how accurate that pace is, I didn't feel like I was going that fast but who cares...all I care about is the distance!  Took another cold shower when done and iced the rest of the night after Miss H was in bed. 

Overall I am proud how well I did with running this weekend and not letting Miss H's complaining stop me from getting a work out in.  I took advantage of the time I had to run and did it.  It was hot out but I pushed myself through it and hopefully it'll help with my weight loss for the week.  However, I am definitely excited for the cooler temps this fall, bring them on!! 

Did you push yourself to working out this weekend? 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mama Sara's Fashion Friday!!! **Jean Jackets**

Mama Sara's Fashion Friday!!!

Did you figure out what I'm going to cover this Friday that I think EVERYONE should own at least one of??? 


You're thrilled I'm sure but in all seriousness my jean jacket is something that I've had for 10 years now and I LOVE IT.  I wear it all the time.  It's great light jacket for chilly nights out at the soccer field or a cool fall morning.  I despise plain old jackets just because they don't have much of a function besides well just being worn when it's cold out.  But a jean that has purpose AND fashion! 

You can easily take an outfit you wore to work and make it casual for the weekend out with friends just by throwing on a jean jacket.  Here are a few outfits that I just quickly grabbed out of my own closet and am going to show you some simple basic outfits that are great starting points to a quick but fashionable look.  Again, this is nothing special but its a sure way to make you look like you've got it all together! 

First look...monochromatic (all one color on top and bottom) and a jean jacket!  Pair with some great jewelry, and a great pair of heels and this is dressy casual look!

2nd look - pair with any color of top and a great pair of khaki....pair with a cute flip flop or heel and it's a great running errands look. 

Pair with your favorite cotton dresses from this summer for a nice transition from summer to fall.  Add some bold accessories and you've got a great comfy look!

Wear a great button up shirt with your jean jacket, just adds a little more detail to the look. 

Add a belt to a button up and your outfit becomes really cute!  And NO you don't have to be a size 0 to rock a stretchy belt...just pair it with a cute jacket or cardigan, it'll add a lot to your outfit! 
Tip to wearing your jean jacket GREAT!
Always roll  your sleeves up, it'll add more fit to the jacket and draw attention to the skinniest part of your body...YOUR WRIST!!
Hopefully you can see that there are SO many options when it comes to adding a jean jacket to your outfits, I literally pulled these outfits together in less than 10 minutes.  It's a no-brainer way to put a great look together.  Pair with some cute shoes and bold jewelry and you will definitely get a compliment while out and about! 
Check out Miss H rockin' her jean jacket yesterday on her first day of school! 
So keep your eyes out for a great jean jacket this fall or dig out that one in the closet...I promise it'll add a lot to your wardrobe! 

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Today it finally happened!  FINALLY!!!!!!!!

What is it??

Someone at my work FINALLY noticed and said something about me losing weight!  My co-worker Kim asked me if I had been losing weight and I about screamed at work and said THANK YOU so much for finally saying something!!!!!!!!  I could have hugged her!  hahaha! 

Best news all day!!  Nothing is better than someone noticing your weight loss and it makes everything worth it!!! 

Big ol' smile on my face from the best commet in the world!!!! 
Have a fantastic day!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sneak Peak at Fashion Friday!

Remember me saying last Friday how I was going to start a weekly post about accessories?  Well we are going to call it FASHION FRIDAY!!!!  So creative right???  Glad you agree!  Hey I work in accounting I NEVER claimed me the creative type ok? 

Now don't hold me accountable to being ultra fashionable...I'm not.  I'm not big into labels or what brand something is.  I mostly shop at Kohls, Target, Marshalls/TJ Max and New York & Co.  I'm a simple girl who shops for bargains and NEVER buy anything that doesn't already go with something else in my closet.  Look at that, you just got your first tip there for free and didn't have to wait all the way until Friday!  Lucky you!

This picture is a sneak peak to this weeks Fashion Friday!  See if you can figure it out! 

Tonight I went for another 2 mile run.  I felt very strong the first mile of it.  My strides were longer and I was moving it.  And then my energy ran low and I had to pull out everything inside of me to finish the last mile but I DID IT!!!!  3 days in a row now of running....can we make it 4??  We will see! 

Wish me luck tomorrow morning, my baby girl is starting 1st grade which means I will be all tears when she gets on that bus and leaves me. 

Weekly Weigh-In and Measurements

Weighed myself this morning and I dropped 2.2lbs since last week for a total of 28.9lbs!!!

Very exciting to see me getting close to 30lbs total lost, seems like its taking me FOREVER to get there doesn't it?  It's been frustrating to see how little I've lost in the last month, however, this past weekend I measured myself.  I haven't measurement myself since July 10th and thought it was time. 

Starting measurements on 2/15/12
Arms - 15
Thighs - 27
Waist - 46
Bust - 46.5
Hips - 50
Neck - 15.5

Measurements on 7/10/12       as of 8/18/12
Arms - 13.5                          13          -.5
 Thighs - 24                          23          -1
Waist - 41                             39         -2
      Bust - 42                           40.5       -1.5
   Hips - 45                            44           -1
Neck - 15                             14.5       -.5

That's a total of 6.5 inches lost in the last 5 1/2 weeks!!!  WOW!!!! 

All while I've only lost 5lbs in the last 6 weeks and was getting discouraged because it felt like I wasn't getting anywhere and here I have the entire time!!!  That's is amazing!  I had to re-measure myself a couple of times because I kept thinking there is no way I dropped that many inches.  Feels so good to see that something else is happening when I don't even realize it!  That is a total of 26 inches lost in the last 4 1/2 months!!  Definitely glad I took my measurements when I started. 

Onto other news, after I worked at PTO open house last night I was able to get a 2.1 mile run in while my mom was still over.  Thanks Mom!  It's amazing to me how every run is so different.  I planned on adding just a little to my run and trying to make it maybe 2.5 but once I started running I could tell it was going to be difficult to just do the 2.1 miles so that's all I planned on doing.  It was tough.  I got a side ache around 1/2-3/4 of a mile...yeah didn't even hit a mile yet and I was already in pain.  No idea what causes this, I think its when I let my breathing get out of control and don't keep my nice and easy rhythm.  It eventually went away but then my legs really started to feel tight and I had to really pump myself with positive thoughts. 

You can do this, look how far you've come!
You just did this route this weekend, you can do it, you know you can!
Don't stop, you aren't a quitter!
If this was a race you wouldn't have the option of stopping, you gotta keep going you can do it!

It was very tough to say the least, and I just focused on one stretch of my run at a time and kept looking ahead and trying not to focus on what my legs were doing.  Thankfully great songs came on my iPhone towards the end of my run and helped pump me up to finish and I was even able to sprint to my house once I turned on my street.  Felt great and I was proud of myself for pushing through the discomfort and still finishing what I planned to do. 

Got home and immediately grabbed my rice packs and put them on my shins and knees.  I wasn't really hurting but I think icing afterwards no matter how I feel really helps. 

I'm really wanting to start pushing myself to be able to run more through the week and get my body used to running every day so icing and lots of stretching is going to be a must. 

Have a great Tuesday!