Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Goals before I turn 30

So....the whole turning 30 soon thing really has what made me wake up and to start doing something about the stuff that I've always wanted to do or be.  And so I'm going to throw it all out there!  Here they are!  Help hold me to them! 

By the end of April 2013...

- I want to have lost 90lbs. 
        This means I'm going to have to really focus on what I'm eating and keep on exercising!  I need to lose 7lbs a month!  Yikes, ok maybe be at least really really close to my 90lb goal. 

- I want to be a runner.  I want to feel like a runner.

- This fall I want to run BIG RACES! 
           Just 5ks for now but I want to experience a big race.  You know the whole expo thing, pick up your packet the night before hand, corrals (ok they probably dont' do corrals for 5ks but you know what I mean!), number pinned to your shirt and all that jazz.  I want it all!   (If you have any suggestions on races...please let me know!!)

- I'd love to run these races with my sister and my best friend.  My running buddies. 

- I want Miss H to see me run a race. 
            I want to show her what I can do and I want to make her proud. 

- I am going to join a gym for a few months this winter so I can keep running through the winter if it gets too cold/snowy for me to continue. 
          I am NOT losing what I have gained so far.  (Can you believe I've never ran on a treadmill???)

- Here's a biggy.....For my 30th birthday...

I want to run a half marathon or a longer distance race (15k)

                                (ok.....let's be honest...I want a 13.1 or 15k window sticker for my car.)

There we have it.  Those are my goals for the next 9 months.  Crazy but exciting!

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  1. I say for the big 3-0, you really advertise that you want to do a longer race-- a race entry would be a great birthday present!

    And I say also treat yourself to some delightful ipod updates, music-wise... running on a treadmill can make you go a little crazy!


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