Friday, June 29, 2012

For all you Stalkers out there...

Yeah...I know you are there. 

Unfortunately ONLY 7 of you have actually clicked on "JOIN THIS SITE" that's on the actually admit you are following my oh so boring life....its ok...just do'll make me feel good!  Like I have friends or somethin'! 

And with having 669 page views the last time I checked....I'm pretty sure that those 7 people that have said they are following my site are NOT checking my page almost 40x a day...I'm sure their lives are waaaay more exciting and only check this page 20x! 

However...if you would like to stalk me even more...check me out on name on there is sarahg2604

Then you can REALLY see what I'm doing with my workouts and food and so on! 

Stalk away all you secret stalkers!  Love ya!!!  :)

Metabolism...Interesting stuff

 I just got done reading this article on metabolism and found it really interesting and helpful. 

Metabolism is what burns calories.  This article clarified a lot of what I'm doing and why its working for me

1. I eat often...therefore my body is never "starving" ie thinking it needs to save the food/calories for later.  This is why Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...get that meabolism back up for the day. 

2.  I'm not just dieting but I'm working out too.  Building muscle so that when I do hit my goal weight, the muscle I've gained will help keep me at a good healthy weight. 

Check it out!  Helps to know how my body works and what it needs to function properly! 

Money and Pop (or Soda)

So, on my lunch hour yesterday I realized 2 things...and I'm sure your DYING to know! 

First things first....probably the BIGGEST change in my lifestyle since April 2nd of this year is that I no longer drink pop like my life depends on it!  GASP!  Yes...I know, shocking. 

And wasn't hard at all.  I thought for sure I would get headaches and feel miserable for a few days but during those first few days...I think I drank so much water that I think it deluted my system so much that I didn't crave it and didn't have any side effects from the lack of caffeine.  And this is coming from a girl who could drink a can/bottle of mountain dew and go right to bed afterwards and sleep fine.  Caffeine didn't make me shaky or feel more wide awake....that's how much I drank it.  Baaaaaad Sarah!

the green stuff
 I used to drop Hailey off at daycare and stop at the gas station and get one of those Big Gulp drinks for on my way to work.  Then at lunch I would have another!  There are 275 calories in just 1 20oz bottle!  And I had at least 2 of those a day!  That's 550 calories in just drinks I consumed.  Now that's almost half of what I eat in calories for an entire day.  YIKES! 

And this isn't to say that I don't crave the green juice anymore...I do...I still love me some pop!  However, I can't handle drinking that much of it.  There is a 20oz bottle of mountain dew that I grabbed Saturday afternoon while running errands and it is still in there and I think it's only 1/4 gone! 

Even though I still enjoy a good pop every now and then, it always ends up biting me in the bootie because I either feel gross afterwards and get a headache (odd how that works huh?) or I'll drink some and get my little taste and be over it and be done with it. 

Plus me I don't want to waste my daily calories on what I drink...seriously have you ever felt full and statisfied after drinking a soda?  I'm gonna say no to that.  It's not worth those empty calories that literallly do nothing for nutritional value for your body.  And if  your like how I drink so much of it the caffeine does nothing for you because you drink so just THINK you NEED the sugary goodness.   I know that's how I was. 

Also yesterday while I was on my lunch I was going through my purse and realized how much change I have in my wallet.  It made me realize too how much I am actually saving by eating healthy and aiming to lose weight.  Being a single parent I could totally get away with going grocery shopping once a month, however, now I go weekly on Sundays typically to get our fresh produce and yogurt for the week ahead.  And even by doing that more, I'm still saving money. 

Money Money Money!!!  MONEY!

- We no longer order pizza like we used to, now its once a week if that and I try to make a home made pizza vs something from the delivery guy. 

- No more vending machine trips for that afternoon pick me up snack.  I pack my own breakfast, lunch and snacks for work. 

- Trying to lose weight has just made me more aware of what I was eating and was it really worth the calories to go out to eat vs just eating at home?  No it's not. 

Everything is in moderation.  We still get ice cream weekly...but we do it once a week instead of 2-3 times and most of the time we go get FroYo!  I plan out my meals a week at a time so we've always got good leftovers to eat.  I pack my lunch, which this has saved a ton and kept healthy snacks in my drawer at work in my office. 

Just a little planning and it has gone really far and saved us some money I know!  I mean my wallet is heavy right now because of all the change that's in there and that NEVER happened!  That'll be going into Miss H's piggy bank vs a vending machine now! 

I look scared here or like I'm trying to not pee my pants b/c I gotta go to the bathroom for the 123rd  time this morning!  But posts are boring without deal. 
Happy Friday!  Think of me tomorrow morning at 9am when I run my 2nd 5k!  Let's hope I can even run a mile...this week has been rough with running!  Supposed to be a hot one!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eating Healthy - Make it a Family Thing!

Why is it that when Mom goes on a diet it seems she eats differently than the entire family?? 

I remember growing up my Mom would have some kind of salad while the rest of the family chowed down on the yummy dinner she made for the rest of us.  And I found myself kind of doing the same thing with Miss H a few months ago when I would stash stuff away that was for me only.  Well that doesn't really make sense...I want Miss H AND myself to be healthy and to learn the right ways to why the heck am I keeping her from that stuff?  I'm sure there is plenty of greek yogurt at the store that I could share a few with her...duh! 

And because I've been doing this...she wants to eat what I am eating! 

Look at that! 
Last night she had a SALAD for dinner and blueberries with a side of hamburger helper that she didn't even finish because she prefered the healthy stuff!  Yes!  I rock as a mom!!!!  I love that she is being exposed to good things as such a young age, that'll only lead to good things when she is an adult! 

Here's is my meal from last night
Lettuce wraps (similar to PF Changs) and a Ceaser Salad made by the Boy Toy...aka....boyfriend....aka Tony the other night.  Thanks Babe!
I had 2 of the lettuce wraps last night and the salad and surprisingly...I wasn't stuffed but I was full.  I kind of wondered if I would be hungry later that night but I wasn't.  PERFECTION! 

Also went to the park last night with Miss H so she could ride her bike on the bike path and I ran some.  It was HOT out! 

Stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down 2.2lbs baby!!!!  I'm going to be really good till Monday to get a good weigh-in for the week!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mix of everything...even a pitty party!

Last night I did not get my 2 mile run in like I wanted to.  We didn't get home from swim lessons until late and by the time I got Hailey in bed it was getting too dark out.  Lately though I am really struggle with my mind when it comes to running and just my self imagine in general. 

I KNOW I can run 2 miles...if not 3 without stopping but my mind likes to tell me otherwise and man lately my mind has been winning.  And that is NOT good for the 5k I am planning on running this Saturday.  I've really gotta get this in check or Saturday is not going to go well.  Anyone has any words of wisdom on this I'd love to hear it.  I know I just gotta keep telling myself I can do it but man that's even hard.  ugh!  I know I'm a whiner! 

I'm at a stop light...don't freak out!

Today on my lunch hour I ran out of work (that's literally almost true) and needed to get outside.  For 1 I needed to unthaw from the air conditioning at work...geez!  2 I just need to get out in the's a beautiful day and I love the sunshine!  And I found my way to this place...

Da Da Duuuuunnnnn  
I've heard some good things about Targets workout gear and wanted to check it out.  I'm on the hunt for some shorts that won't ride up while running because the cotton knee capri things I normally wear are just too dang hot right now in this summer heat.  I also really wanted to try on some 14s.  (yes you now know my size I was when I first started on my weight loss journey...a 16......yikes-o-rama!)  Don't tell anyone k? 

Loved the target workout stuff..snagged some shorts for $8 and a new tank for $5, I like the fit of it and it's muffin top friendly!  SCORE! 

Also grabbed a pair of 14 jean wasn't pretty but I was able to zip them up!  WHOOHOO!!  Good Target trip...hopefully next time I'll actually be buying the 14s! 

Speaking of clothes...its nice that a lot of my clothes that were on the tighter side are now fitting way better and if anything almost too loose on me.  In my waist it is some but majorly in my thighs and buttocks!  Very good feeling and it's nice to have more options in my closet than the 1-2 pairs of black slacks that fit me for work!  Benefit #987 why losing weight rocks! 

Also something else that I'm really hoping with my weight loss is that my self-image of myself comes up.  Aren't we the hardest on ourselves?  Amen sista! 

Growing up it was really hard for me to be shaped different than my sisters.  It was often pointed out to me in not so nice ways.  And I was never really overweight growing up which is honestly sad.  When I graduated high school I weighed 150lbs...that's a healthy weight for my height (5'5") but sadly, and we all do this to ourselves, I didn't see it like that then.  I thought I needed to be smaller and be more like my sisters.  Side note...I'm not bashing my sisters at all...I love them to death and they are very beautiful and great sisters to have!!  They would never say anything to me about how I was shaped different than them...yes we would joke sometimes about boobs but whateva...that's a sister thing! 

I remember growing up and being told I would get cancer someday because I was overweight. lie.   And again...I wasn't overweight when I graduated high school...right where I should be but I wasn't happy because of what I had been told.  Did you know that for every 1 negative thing said to someone you have to say 10 positives to forget that 1 negative.  I did not hear much positive when I growing up about  myself.  And you know what....that's ok.  Because when I meet my goals...I will have accomplished it on my own and built myself up.  I can't wait to be able to show that to Miss H someday!  No matter what life throws at you...YOU can change its course and make it a positive!

And I still struggle with the things that I was told growing up.  It sucks.  I am a very confident person in pretty much all aspects of my life...but when it if comes to something directly about my looks, weight, or being accepted for those things....I can get very insecure about myself because I don't know what its like to be accepted for who I am.  It's actually really really hard for me to do that, especially in the dating world.  And I have to subconsciously make a decision to be confident in who I's not my first initial thought!  So sad....let's feel sorry for Sarah now!  ha!

It also effects my ability to make myself a priority even in the few moments that I do put myself first.  Making it a priority to excerise is hard being a single parent, and I'm sure it's hard for all moms, because it's not an easy thing to do especially when you don't have access to a gym easily or there are a million things around the house you could constantly be cleaning up or putting away. 

But....something I learned almost 6 years ago was....if I don't take care of myself....I won't be able to properly care for for Miss H.  And that is the HONEST truth!  If I don't make my health a priority NOW...will I be around for college graduation or grandkids and be able to play with them?  It is extremely hard because it's not the most convienent thing for me to do sometimes, to make myself a priority and to ask for help with watching Miss H for an hour here or there so I can do that...but I have to.  There are no excuses Nike says....JUST DO IT! 

On a lighter note....On my way back to work I saw the most AMAZING thing EVER, that I have been CRAVING like a monkey craving bananas.....

If  your in the Dayton/Cincinnati area and you've never had Graeter's Ice Cream....seriously get out from your rock  you've been in and go right now and get some ice cream.....I'll wait for you. 

I drove by the place and see that they have ropes up because they are paving the black top BUT there are cars IN the parking lot.  I'm not kidding...I circled that store 3x and still could NOT figure out how those people got in or how anyone was going to get out of that parking lot!  Guess it was for a ice cream for me.  BOO HOO! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why THIS time it's different

Last night Miss H and I went for a bike ride / run right before we left for swim lessons.  I let Hailey lead this time and she got to pick wherever she wanted to go around our neighborhood.  Which basically meant after 15 minutes she was done....awesome!  Which actually worked out good because we had enough time to get her changed and ready for swim lessons and out the door in time. 

Miss H!
I froze at swim lessons last night...I was wrapped up in Miss H's towel while she kept jumping in and out of the water which made me even colder just looking at her. 

While I was freezing my bootie off at swim lessons I was thinking about why this time is so much different for me and why I haven't really gotten discouraged at all in the last almost 3 months.  Hard to believe it's been that long!

What I came to was that I'm not on a diet.  I have no intentions of ever NOT eating like I am right now or ever NOT exercising like I am right now.  This is re-teaching myself what the right way is to eat and how to stay healthy.  Not only am I doing this for myself but I'm also doing this for Miss H so she can learn from an early age what it means to stay active and eat right.  I want her to learn that food is about nutrition for our bodies and not something for comfort.  It's fuel to give us energy!

Living a healthy lifestyle isn't about a diet.  Diet to me = temporary and seriously who wants to temporarily be "skinny" or healthy?  No one, right? 

I really think that's why this time I am doing so well with all the ups and downs that come with losing weight is because

1. I know this is going to take a long time...maybe a year...who knows!

2.  This isn't a temporary thing for me...the way I feel now even with "just" 21 pounds lost...I feel amazing.  I can't imagine how I will feel when I hit my goal of 90lb weight loss!    I mean I sleep better, my clothes fits better, I FEEL better! 

3.  Being a mother isn't just about raising your kids right and making sure they share and use their manners and get good grades in's teaching them BY EXAMPLE how to take care of themselves. 

4.  My mind and heart are in it this time.  The times that I have been serious about weight loss in my life and have been successful is when I am REALLY into can't half ass it or you'll just get discouraged and give up.  You have to be realistic with yourself.  That's why a huge part of me is sharing my journey on this story is REAL and it's VERY realistic. 

Losing weight is just as much of a mental thing as running is.  You gotta be tough and push through the tough times to get to the good times...because when you do...there is NO better feeling than being successful! 

Goal for 2 miles without stopping!!  I know I can, I know I can, I know I can!!!!!!!  Gonna have to build myself up for that tonight!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Funday - Weigh In...Love/Hate Relationship with Weekends

Monday weigh in - Up .4lbs  Blah! 
Even sicker - as of Friday morning I was down 2.6lbs but THEN the weekend happened. 

This weekend I had a cookout and a bridal shower...which were fun...but it's so hard to eat healthy when you are at those events.  I also am never very good with drinking water like I should on the weekends...I need to glue a water bottle to my hand!  *sigh* so we continue the 2lb shuffle....lose 2lbs...gain 2lbs. 

Yes it sucks when this stuff happens but it seems like I do this a couple of times a month and then 1 or 2 weeks I'll lose 6lbs total between the two weeks.  Oh well....even though it bugs me...I know I will get somewhere and don't worry about it.  This week I will be VERY good!  Plus I have to remind myself that I am running a lot more so I'm also building muscle and supposedly muscle weighs more than I'll stick with that as my excuse!  Yeah THAT is why I gained .4lbs this week.....riiiiiight Sarah! 

This weekend I went for a 3.2 mile walk with my dog Toby.  It was hot on Saturday afternoon but we headed out anyways.  I figured a good sweaty walk would be perfect and hopefully help make up for my eating like crap Friday night. 

Ready to go...look at those skinny legs!  NEVER have I been able to wear these kind of shorts and be comfortable.

Headed out with Toby walking pretty fast...I'm sure I looked like a very serious walker to all my neighbors with my arms and legs going like crazy.  Had 2 get sweaty and to wear the Tobster out!

He started out ahead of me..
And then towards the end was behind me...

Clouds reminded me of Toy Story...can you see it? 
Got home and we accomplished our goal...I was soaked one hot sweaty mess and well Toby...

Was pooped out...successful walk!
Saturday evening I watched my nephew for my sister and brother-in-law...this dude cracks me up. 

He's laughing seeing himself in my phone
 Sunday after the bridal shower I had 1 1/2 hours to waste before picking up Miss H so I had packed a change of clothes and was ready to go out on a run.  I haven't ran since the 5k on Thursday so I was ready to get out there.  It was hot though...92 degrees out...probably not the smartest time to be running but I knew I wouldn't have time once I picked up Miss H so I had to do what I could.  I ran 1.3 miles straight at first and then had to stop, my body heat was getting really warm and I didn't want to push it too hard.  Walked a bit and then ran/walked the rest of the 1.9 miles.  I was so forever greatful to be back in my car, in the air conditioning with a big bottle of water! 

Dinner last night....taco on whole wheat tortia...lots of veggies in this! 

healthy snack
After dinner Miss H and myself went up to the local frozen yogurt place in me some FroYo! 

Happy Monday Funday!  Were you good this weekend and ate healthy?

Friday, June 22, 2012

First 5k - Race Recap

Good Morning Ladies!!!!!!

I ran my 1st EVER 5k race last night and am freaking sore this morning but WOW was it amazing!  I am so proud of myself and my friend Kristina for how well we did. 

Let's start from the beginning shall we?

So last night after I dropped Miss H off at her dad's I came home and changed into my running clothes.  It was HOT out last night 94 when I got home at 6:15pm from dropping Miss H off to be exact.  Put on a tank top to run with a tshirt, stretched out really good and then headed to Kristina's house to get her opinion on the tank top thing.  I've never ran in a tank top (too embarressed) but it was gonna be hot and I knew I was going to need to keep cool to keep going. 

All ready!
Got Kristina's approval on the tank top and we were off to Sidney for our race!  I was more nervous nelly just excited that I was doing this and knew I was ready for whatever happened. 

We arrived with plenty of time to get parked and find where we were supposed to be and then got checked in.  Stretched some more.  Found out we were on the wrong end to where the start line was so we had to move some bootie to get to the start. 

Pumped up and excited!!!

Kristina and Miss Zoey!  Yes this girl ran the whole thing while pushing a stroller....she rocks!
Got in line to where we thought we should be with our pace...we were thinking around the 10-12 minute mile range.  My goal was to just be under 45 minutes.  I know I can walk the 3.2 miles in an hour so I wanted be at least 15 minutes under that. 

The gun went out and everyone slooooowly crossed the starting line weeding their way through the crowds and finding your way through everyone.  I felt good.....Mile 1was pretty normal for me and at my normal pace which I would say is around a 10-11 minute mile (but that's only running 1 mile at a time)

This course was a lot different than what I am used to running, I like to be able to see how far I have to run and with this course I could not do that.  One the fast runners were coming back towards up it was a mystery the entire time how much further I had to go.  Which was hard because I like to be able to tell myself "it's not that can get to that point"  and I had to do that with just the short distances that I could actually see ahead of myself.  Went down a pretty steep hill and then we went up a pretty big hill which when I saw that thing my goal was to run all the way until I got up there which was about 1.5-1.75 miles if I had to guess. 

Ladies...that hill was my biatch!  I ran like a man up that hill and kicked its bootie without it even knowing it!   I made it that far!  Then I was sore and tired.  My right foot started to fall asleep and I had to walk for a little bit.  This course was a lot hillier than I would have liked for my first 5k.  Not big hills but little ones that are enough to kick your butt.  I needed flat land to let my legs recover some and I couldn't.  Mile 2 was a lot of walking some...jogging some.  We were way back in the woods with this race and trees all over which was nice but it was taking everything I could to keep going when I had no idea where I was going.  I knew I just had to get out of the trees and I would be able to see the finish and I would be doing awesome at that point. 

I hit mile 3 and I knew I could run the last mile and I started off jogging and I could see the opening where we would come out of the trees and I was excited!  Thank GOD!!!!!!!!! 

I hit the opening and I just started going...I was actually able to pick up pace and dare I say...half way to the finish line I started SPRINTING?????  Yeah ...not sure it looked like a sprint to anyone else but I was moving and I was PROUD that I actually had energy to sprint at the end!  I could have ran faster but I was afraid my legs or feet would go out and I would trip and I did NOT want to fall feet from the finish line. 

I DID IT!!!!!!!!  The clock said 38 something and I was PROUD!!!  Way under my goal of 45 minutes!!! 

looking a hot mess afterwards...but I did it!

I found Kristina and found out poor Zoey cried the last half a mile for her.  Poor thing wanted out of the stroller!  We walked away from the finish line to grab some food and water and find a place to sit.  It was great!!!  For being the weight that I am and being able to run the majority of a 5k I am really proud of myself.  I am so thankful that Kristina was there to share this moment with me and that we ran our first 5k together!  I learned a lot about myself this race and running and is a TOTAL mind game! 

This morning I am VERY sore....oh holy muscles.....but it's all good!  I earned this soreness with everything inside me and I am proud!!!! 

Official results from the race!  Not bad at all!!!  And I know I can only get better!  15 out of 26...not bad!!
Now to rest up and heal for the next 5k NEXT Saturday!  Yes...I'm nuts and signed up for 2 right away! 

First tshirt earned running a 5k!!! 
Have a GREAT weekend!  I plan on resting a lot and icing!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Just saw this on Facebook....I needed this today when I'm doubting myself in my ability to run a 5k.

Instead of doubting myself...I should be PROUD of myself.  I can now run a mile!  NEVER EVER EVER have I been able to do that in my life!  By doubting myself today I am still believing in the past when I couldn't do it and I CAN! 

I CAN lose the weight and feel confident in myself again!
I CAN become a runner!
I CAN believe in myself and KNOW I will achieve my goal!!!

WHOOHOO!!!!  5k here we come!

Today is THE day....with a chance of rain...seriously??

Well is the day...the day of my first 5k.  And I am nervous!!!!!  Last night I went out for a quick 1 mile run and the whole time I'm thinking...what was I thinking??  The longest you have ran is 1.5miles Sarah! 

I am so someone that doesn't so something until I know I can do it going into a 5k knowing full well that I am not going to be able to run the whole thing is hard for me!  But....this will be good for me.  It's a reminder that just because I can't do it now doesn't mean I shouldn't try now!  It's just going to be a "fun run" and a learning experience! 

Say a prayer for me tonight that I don't die somewhere along the course....I would really appreciate it!  And I pray to God I am not the last one to cross the finish line...I SHOULD be able to beat all those walkers! 

This morning on top of my nervousness as I'm getting ready for this morning I hear the good ole weather man saying how it's like 70% chance of rain/thunderstorms tonight. 

OF COURSE IT IS!!!!!!!  WHY would it be dry and perfect running weather on my first time running a race???  UGH!!!!! 

I so wanted to reach thru the TV and just strangle that man...oh well.  I guess if it's raining no one will see how much I am sweating right??  Always a positive in every situation right???  Oh well...even though I'm nervous as ever I'm excited to learn how this all works.  And goal was to be able to run a 5k by this fall and I still have a lot of time before then to achieve that goal! 

Happy Thursday ya'll!

Looking all bad azz this morning...well kinda...ok maybe my new shades though!

Feeling great! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Face Comparison

So I was looking at the picture I just posted in the previous post and I was like wow, I can really see that I have lost weight even in my face for the first time.  So I thought I would share a comparison for you so hopefully you can see it to! 

Our Christmas card picture this past year (2011)

Me today...22.5lbs lighter...with a really bad hair day going on! Don't worry I'm getting my hair cut this Saturday!
I might be the only person who can see it but WOW!  That's pretty cool!  I was starting to be very self conscious of smiling back then just because smiling made my face look bigger. lol  Oh geez...nex year's Christmas card won't look like that and I won't be choosing the one that I look the "thinner" in. 

Crazy stuff going on round here!

Gotta weird feeling going on....I'm anxious for my run tonight. 

whoa..did I just say that?  yup you did, nutso!

wow!  Amaze balls! 

Ever get that feeling where you just KNOW that your going to hit a goal?  Yeah...I have that right now!  I may be waaay far from my goal weight or from my crown title as being a "Runner" but I can FEEL IT!  I have finally found the motivation to hit my goal and NOTHING will stop me! 

Almost feels as good as the feeling you get after a really good run! 

I'm excited!!!!!!!!!

Don't get discouraged!

So yesterday after I posted my post for the day I realized that some of you who might be following me, might see me loosing almost 5lbs a week and get discouraged because you've only lost 1lb.  In order to help undo any discouragement you might have's some things you should know! 

- I am secret, duh!, so that is going to impact me losing weight a little bit faster.  I know though that when I get closer to my goal weight that it will slow down. 

- In the past 10 weeks since I have started this new lifestyle...there have been 4 weeks where I have actually gained weight.  Nothing crazy but sometimes life happens or you go through a week of craving nothing but chocolate. (tell me I'm not that only one who does that!)  That was me 2 weeks ago!  It was nutso!

- On average over the past 10 weeks I have averaged losing 1.66lbs per week.  See!  That's normal and right what I should be doing!  So even though I may have dropped 4.6lbs this past week, prior to this past week, I had gained a 1 pound over those 2 weeks prior.  Frustrating...let me tell ya! 

- I just keep going no matter what!  I don't get frustrated when I don't see the scale go down, I know what I have to do and I just need to make it happen.  It took me 11 years to get to the weight that I am, it is not going to come off in a short period of time!  Major bummer it doesn't work out like that!  I only take 1 week at a time.  Can I be good for 1 week...definitely.  If I slack 1 day is it gonna break way!  I just gotta start over the next day. 

It's all about 1 meal, 1 snack, 1 day, 1 week away from our goals!  I may not be able to think right away about doing something for a month or a year...but I can definitely do it for a week! 

It's all about being realistic! 

On to bigger and better news!

This Thursday I have signed up for first ever 5k race.  I am so mixed with emotions about this.  I'm so excited that I want to scream and/or hide in a hole and yell at myself "what were you thinkin!?!?!"  Will I be able to run the entire 3.2 miles...I'm gonna say noooo.  However...will I run the majority of it...YOU BET YOUR BIG BOOTIE I WILL! 

I'm gonna guess I'm going to look more like the 1st duck in this picture!!

My BFF and I will be running this together, she's the one who I have been "reporting" to for the past 10 weeks and have been my accountability partner (which I highly recommend doing)!  This is going to be a total fun run, see what the heck we are capable part...GET A TSHIRT!!!!!!!  lol  I'm all about getting tshirts from all it will be a HUGE high-light of the night when I get that thing and can wear it the next day showing it off!  WHOOHOO! 

Should be a lot of fun considering its a night run so it'll be cooler...sweeeet! 

Goal for tonight?  Head out with Miss H and get a good run in at the park...I'd LOOOVE to see 2 miles!   Last night I got a quick 1 mile run in and it felt AMAZING! 

How do you keep yourself from getting discouraged with your weight loss?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Weigh-Ins

Good Morning!  Had a pretty good weekend and as a bonus this morning when I stepped on the scale I was 4.6lbs less!!!  WHOOHOO!!!  Go me Go me!!!! 

4.6lbs lighter!  Total weight loss - 21.7lbs!

I was very surprised to see that this morning because weekends are tough when trying to lose weight especially when it's summer and there are all kinds of BBQs going on and as you know, there is not always the most healthiest of choices when at those parties.  Plus, I don't know about you, but it's so tempting to try all the yummy goodies that everyone brings!  But this weekend, I did pretty good! 

My biggest struggle on the weekends is I forget to eat as often as I do through the week and drink as much water.  I like to eat every 2 hours, just something light, and lots of water and this weekend I really tried to be diligent about doing this.  This weekend I wasn't able to get outside and run as much as I would have liked due to busy schedules and watching an extra dog this weekend, (yes I have a dog, the Tobster, I'll show you a pic sometime).  However I did get out on Sunday while Miss H was with her dad for Father's day.  It was HOT and I only went out for a 45 minute brisk walk but man I was sweating afterwards but it felt great.  I love that feeling of my legs being sore and being able to tell I pushed myself. 

Love me some good scenery!
Also this weekend, and as of lately, I've been trying to get better about wearing my boot to stretch out my feet in hopes that it continues to help with my plantar fasciitis.  If you have this,  you know how not fun this is, and I was really upset when I first started running when I thought this was going to prevent me from ever achieving my goal but I've learned that if I actually do stretch it out, I don't get the shooting pains like I used to when I walk.  AMAZING what happens when you listen to your Dr right??  ha!

In addition, on Sunday I was able to get one meal ready for us this week, I made buffalo chicken for lettuce wraps we will be having this week for dinner.  One nice thing about being a single mom is that if I plan my meals right, I really only have to make 2 meals a week and just change it up and have leftovers inbetween things.  This is also something that has helped me stay on track with eating right, is planning out my meals for the week and making whatever I can ahead of time so that way I'm not tempted to pick up a pizza or stop at McD's on the way home for a quick meal.  Typically, also on Sunday nights, you'll find me cutting up my fresh veggies and fruits for the week.  Last night it was celery and (again...I can't help it, I love this fruit!) cantalope.

All it takes is a little planning and being prepared and its amazing how much easier it is to stay on track with living a healthy lifestyle!  Plus it makes it easier for Miss H to just grab a few celery sticks as a snack! 

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Blogs I follow for motivation

Where I have found motivation...from other ladies who have put themselves out there in the blog world! 

Check out my Blog list there on the left...these ladies are serious about running and/or weight loss and are succeeeding!  Very cool!

Mama Laughlin - this girl is hilarious, totally my kinda girl...cut the BS and get to the real stuff kind of girl!  She has lost weight after having both of her 2 boys by just watching what she eats and running. 

Skinny Runner - This girl is a hard core runner...this is where I go to learn stuff about running. 

Miss Madison's Charmed life - another amazing inspiration story.  She started out at 260lbs and now is down to 140s! 

Keeping Up with Katie - she's just a young girl who lost weight starting with weight watchers and started running a lot and biking.  She's pretty cool! 

Check them out!

It does get easier!

One of the obvious things about running is's real hard.  However, lately when I've been running my oh so slow mile at a time...that somewhere when I think I'm about to die and fall the ground exhausted....something funny happens.  I find my groove and all of a sudden it's not that hard!  Weird!  Last night I was running out at Duke Park where a 5k I'll be running on June 30th is going to be at.  I wanted to scope out the location since I've never really been there, didn't want to look like a complete NEWBIE. 

At Duke park they have this massive walking/running/bike riding path that curves all around the park, which is nice because there is lots of stuff to look at to keep my mind off what I'm actually doing.  I walked part of the path just to get warmed up and to get an idea of where the heck I was going and then I started running.  I ran half of the path and then stopped to walk again.  Put on an awesome running song that was over 6 minutes long and said I wasn't stopping until this song is over.  So I started running (mind you when I say running...picture a very slooooow run).  I was doing ok and then I hit a point where I really really wanted to stop but I kept going because my song wasn't done yet.  At this park they have these stations that you can do some kind of workout on (not sure if anyone actually uses them from the way they looked) however, they were awesome points for me to focus on during my run, I just kept saying "your going to that next one, and then the next one..."  Right when I thought my song was about over, all of a sudden I didn't feel like I was going to die anymore and I could go for a lot longer and I did!  I ran for 12 minutes instead of just 6 minutes and I even went up a pretty big hill!  Which I have to say, and obviously its way early in my running career, but I think I am a pretty awesome hill runner.  Going up that hill last night, I found extra energy that I had inside me that I didn't realize I had.  Pretty cool stuff!

So from now on, I really need  to remember that when I think that I can't go any longer, I need to remember that I just gotta get through the tough times and that eventually (yes it actually does happen!) it gets easier and I find my groove and I can go a lot longer than I thought I could.  That's one of the amazing things about running, it is totally a mind game with yourself...your mind says you are done WAY before your body is actually done. 

Excited to get out there again tonight with Miss H, she'll love riding her bike on this bike path!

OH!  Also last night I took my measurements and since April 2nd, I have lost 17 inches!!!!!  WHOOHOO!!! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

20lb weight loss!

Here are pictures for my 20lb weight loss!  So hard for me to believe that I have lost that much already.  I can't really tell a HUGE different myself in my pictures but hopefully down the road we will be able to tell a difference.  **Note...excuse the big hair today...I'm growing my hair out and no idea what to do with LONG hair and I was rushed this morning** 

20lb weight loss

20 lb weight loss

Just for's a picture where I was at 15lb weight loss

15lb weight loss

15lb weight loss
  Not a HUGE life changing difference...but I think I can tell a small difference on the side view.  I should start taking pictures at home in my work out clothes...I have lost A LOT of inches, especially in my thighs, hips and waist.

What am I doing?

So you may be wondering...what I am doing to lose weight?  So I thought I would be nice and share.

My plan is...only to eat around 1200 calories a day (which actually is very filling,  you'd be surprised what you really only need to "fill" yourself up). Also to walk/run as often as I can.  Now hold your horses...when I say can...I don't mean when I feel like's literally when I have someone to watch Miss H (my daughter) or I can get her to go on her bike with me so I can run....THAT, my friends, is the life of a single mama! 

What am I eating? 

Breakfast:   Greek yogurt  and granola
(I'm not a huge fan of yogurt, in the past I would go through phases where I loved it and then it would make me gag after a week of it and I wouldn't eat it for a month.)  I've found adding te granola (something crunchy...this girl loves crunch!) helps a lot! 

Morning Snack - String cheese, FiberOne 90 cal granola bar, or an apple. 

Lunch - Turkey sandwhich on wheat bread with some kind of fruit...lately I've been on a cantalope phase. 
(This probably surprises me the most out of everything I eat, just a simple sandwhich and fruit actually fills me up...I used to eat WAAAAAY WAY WAY more for lunch)

Afternoon snack - if I need it, I'll eat an apple or whatever I have left from my snacks that I didn't eat in the morning. 

Dinner - I eat whatever I would normally make for dinner for Miss H and myself.  Being a single parent and there only being 2 of us in the house...I can't cook two separate meals for me and Miss H.  We would be eating the same thing every single day and THAT would get old real fast.  So what do I do???  I eat smaller portions.  How do I control that?  I use a smaller plate.  Whatever fits on there, is what I eat and its enough. 

Evening snack - this is the hard one for me because this is when I get "bored" and I tend to eat because of that.  This is wear drinking a lot of water comes into play...if I drink a lot, I'm not hungry and that erge to eat something just because isn't there.  BUT if I do crave something or am actually hungry...I'll eat some kind of fruit or carrots or a 100 cal bag of popcorn. 

Also something that I think is I drink a TON (more like between 1-2 gallons) of water a day!  Drinking water is something that I've always struggled with...not something I crave.  BUT...I have found out that if I drink through a strawl...I'll drink more.  And I do!  I have 1 for at work and 1 for at home.  And yes I pee sucks..but its the price ya gotta pay!

Also a cool tool that I use is "My Fitness Pal" app on my iphone.  I track everything that I eat and this tool helps a ton!!  Gotta love me some technology!

MAJOR accompliment for me!

For the past week or 2 we have been so rediculously busy that our evenings are so packed that we haven't been able to get outside for our bike ride/run with Hailey.  I think the last time I got Hailey to go out with me on a walk was Monday and before that I have no idea.  Last night Hailey was staying overnight at Chad's and so I was able to go out after I got everything done around 8:30 at night.  Monday when with the little bit that I was able to run I was surprised how good I felt and so last night I wanted to see how long that "I'm feeling good while running" would last. 

So I started out walking a few blocks, I always have to walk some to get everything warmed up, especially with my bad feet (remember I have plantar fiaciatis) and then I started running/jogging.  I just kept going, keeping my mind off what I was actually doing and just looking around in the area I was running in and I was surprised how good I was doing and I knew I had gone further than I had ever gone before.  I'm going for a while and I keep thinking...oh my gosh, I think I've gone a mile but I keep going just to make sure!  It got harder and I had to stop but knew I had gone further than I had ever been able to before and was so proud of myself!!!!  I walked the rest of the way home, it was getting dark! And then jumped in the car and reset my speedometer and went the course I ran, I so wanted to know how far I actually went!  Where I had stopped....was exactly 1 MILE!!!!!!!!   I cried!  Pure tears of happiness and pride!  That may not be very far to some of you, but to me, someone who has never been a runner and the thought of running 4 laps around the track during volleyball would nearly make me throw up in high school and I was in better shape then!  lol  It was a sign that I am actually getting somewhere!  Did the scale go down this! ER!  But I am slowly becoming a runner and I love it! 

Things I have learned about me and running:

1.  I can't do a program where I know how long I have to run or for how long...I just gotta run.  Otherwise all I'm doing it watching my stop watch waiting for the last minute to end and then I crash. 

2.  I need to look around when I'm running....Oh look at her pretty flowers, I am so gonna do that next  year....whoa, his car is dirty inside!  lol 

3.  Need AWESOME music...I still need to work on my running playlist...some songs in there are just NOT meant to listen to when running. 

4.  I need to take breaks inbetween the days that I work out.  I can't run every day, as much as I would love to, I am not there yet.  This used to bother me and now I realize that my body does need a day to heal.  Running one day and walking the other is OK!

5.  Just run and go with it and who cares how far you go...enjoy it!!!  Running is a total mind game and I have to play tricks on myself so that my mind doesn't tell my body that it's tired when it's really not! 

Now to work at getting better at the 1 mile and work up to 2 miles!   5k here we come!!!

We are gettng healthy!

It has been no secret that pretty much my entire life I have personally struggled with my weight.  Something that I've always struggled with even before I can remember and always being bigger than everyone else.  It doesn't help that I have 2 sisters who are built VERY different than me and so I was always compared to them which really just isn't fair.  I have more boobs than the two of them combined and more curves than there bodies would know want to do with!  lol  I mean come on how come I had to get that "lucky"???   I also think it was partially that I was just never taught what healthy eating was and it's really no one's fault because my parents were raised by parents who grew up in the great depression so you NEVER left your plate empty, eating a Big Mac in the 5th or 6th grade was nothing.  Now I think about that and I gag at the thought.  That meal at Mcdonalds is almost 1 days worth of calories and for a child that young that is not healthy at all!! 

Plus in my life I have been through a lot emotional stuff that no child should ever bare on her shoulders and so food became a comfort thing for me, stressed, I eat, worried, I eat, happy I not good. 

Well in this past 6 months to a year, my weight has really started to effect me.  I would see pictures of myself and I would literally not recognize myself AT ALL.  I would be thinking in my head there is no way that is what I look like but I knew it was true.  But I also knew I couldn't do this until I was in the right mentality and part of me was afraid that it was not going to be easy and that I was going to feel like I was stuck at my weight forever. 

Well in March my best friend Kristina and I were on a walk together and she was talking about losing weight and I made the suggestion that we should each weigh ourselves each week and report if we lost or gained that past week just for accountability.  Well a few weeks went by and no one said anything and then Kristina called me and asked if i was serious about it and I said yes.  OH MY GOSH I WAS AFRAID!!!!  No turning back now!  But I was ready.  Kristina came over that Sunday night with her scale and we weighed ourselves and I was shocked, I weighed as much as I did when I was 9 months preggers with Hailey!  I had no idea I had creeped up to that high. 

So on April 2nd I started and made the decision we weren't losing weight to get skinny but we are losing weight to get healthy.  I didn't want Hailey to see me losing weight and to think she needs to be skinny, I don't think skinny = healthy by any means and I don't want her to think that, it's all about outter appearances because it is not.  So in our house there has been lots of fruits and veggies (fresh!) more than there used to be a lots of whole grains and chicken and turkey.  And drinking a TON (a gallon) of water each day. 

Now with being a single mom, it is not easy by any means to try to eat healthy and exercise with a 6 year old!  I do not have the money to afford a membership to the gym so I can only exercise when I can get Hailey outside with me on her bike while I walk/run.  Believe me when I say this....that is NOT always an easy thing to do!  Sometimes I am literally begging her for 1 more block and then we'll go to the park.  I'm sure some of the people hearing our conversations thought I was the meanest mom ever but COME ON HAILEY...Mama's got a big bootie and she's gotta walk it off!  lol  Thankfully though on a few of the colder days in April (go figure it was hot in March and then I start in April and it gets cold out) that my sister Tracy and/or Brother-in-law Chris have watched Hailey for an hour here or there so I could get out and run/walk.  THANK YOU GUYS!!!! 

As of this morning I have lost 15lbs!!!!!  I screamed when I read the scale this morning and got tears in my eyes.  I know that in the sceem of things I still have 70lbs to lose but I really thought in my mind that I wouldn't be able to get past 10lb weight loss.  I know that might sound silly but I really thought I just wouldn't be able to do it.  I am so pumped and so proud of myself!!!  No I am not going to put how much I weighed up on here yet because I'm still too embarressed about it but someday you might know but not yet! 

I didn't take an actual starting weight picture, I was too afraid to actually put it out there that I was starting even though I knew in my head I was, it was just like my insurance incase it didn't happen or something!  lol  who knows!  But below is a picture I look actually just a few days before we weighed in for the first time and then there are the picture from today.  You probably can't really tell a difference but I can.  The pants that I have on, (grey ones) are normally the ones that I have to let "stretch out" a little bit before they really fit me but this morning I put them on and the slide right on no problem!  Also the jeans that I have on in the starting photo now need to be sewn in about 1 1/2 inches around my waist and they are now baggy in my butt and legs and they were a perfect fit when I had them on in that picture.  Pretty awesome! 

So there it is, totally putting myself out there!  Not the greatest pictures, I should put the same outfit on everytime but again, it's not about what anyone else thinks or sees...I can FEEL the difference already and that's all I'm worried about!  I am doing it this time!  My goal is that by the fall I am able to run my first 5k and I have NEVER EVER been a runner, let alone running a mile!  But I am doing this for myself because I don't want to be the mom who is never in pictures with her daughter because she doesn't like the way she looks and I want to set the right example to Hailey so hopefully she doesn't struggle with weight and eating issues like I have most of my life. 

Sharing my Journey

Hi!  Welcome to my blog!  I am Sarah, a 29 year old single mama who has finally found the determination to find ME again!  I've been a single parent for about 6 years now and if you've ever been a single parent, you know how crazy life can be at times and how a lot of the time, YOU definitely do not come first very often. 

About a month or two before my 29th birthday I was really starting to feel the need to do something before I turn the big 3-0 next year!  So I have started to work out, actually trying to become a "runner" even though that word has never been in my vocabulary ever in my life.  It is something that I have always desired to be but never was able to push past the tough times to hopefully find that it does get easier eventually (or at least I hope it does!)

Why am I starting a blog??  Not really sure, probably mostly just to keep myself accountable...can't really put yourself out there anymore than online right??  And hopefully, hopefully, along the way as I hit my goals that I inspire someone else to get out there just like me and make things possible that they never thought would! 

Things you should know about me? 

- When I started this back on April 2, 2012, my goal was to lose 90lbs!  yikes that's a high number, as of yesterday, I have lost 20lbs since then.  yay!

- I've never been a runner, I've always liked to walk whenever I can but that's not good enough anymore...I want to be a runner! 

- I do not believe that skinny = healthy.  Raising a daughter I in no way shape or form want her to believe that skinny is what we are supposed to be.  I want to be healthy and the way my life was before I started on my journey was definitely NOT healthy. 

- I do not promise in any way that the grammer on this blog will be's a blog and it's mine and I'm the one talking about my big bootie...I'll write the way I want to!  :) 

- I am very, very sarcastic, when reading this blog...remember that.  It'll help! 

Also...can you do me a favor?  You see there on the left side where it says "Join this site"...please click that! I'd love to know if you are following my blog!  Makes it much more fun to know if I have stalkers or not!  k?  Thanks!

Thanks for following my journey! 
This is me, by the way!  Hi!