Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MAJOR accompliment for me!

For the past week or 2 we have been so rediculously busy that our evenings are so packed that we haven't been able to get outside for our bike ride/run with Hailey.  I think the last time I got Hailey to go out with me on a walk was Monday and before that I have no idea.  Last night Hailey was staying overnight at Chad's and so I was able to go out after I got everything done around 8:30 at night.  Monday when with the little bit that I was able to run I was surprised how good I felt and so last night I wanted to see how long that "I'm feeling good while running" would last. 

So I started out walking a few blocks, I always have to walk some to get everything warmed up, especially with my bad feet (remember I have plantar fiaciatis) and then I started running/jogging.  I just kept going, keeping my mind off what I was actually doing and just looking around in the area I was running in and I was surprised how good I was doing and I knew I had gone further than I had ever gone before.  I'm going for a while and I keep thinking...oh my gosh, I think I've gone a mile but I keep going just to make sure!  It got harder and I had to stop but knew I had gone further than I had ever been able to before and was so proud of myself!!!!  I walked the rest of the way home, it was getting dark! And then jumped in the car and reset my speedometer and went the course I ran, I so wanted to know how far I actually went!  Where I had stopped....was exactly 1 MILE!!!!!!!!   I cried!  Pure tears of happiness and pride!  That may not be very far to some of you, but to me, someone who has never been a runner and the thought of running 4 laps around the track during volleyball would nearly make me throw up in high school and I was in better shape then!  lol  It was a sign that I am actually getting somewhere!  Did the scale go down this! ER!  But I am slowly becoming a runner and I love it! 

Things I have learned about me and running:

1.  I can't do a program where I know how long I have to run or for how long...I just gotta run.  Otherwise all I'm doing it watching my stop watch waiting for the last minute to end and then I crash. 

2.  I need to look around when I'm running....Oh look at her pretty flowers, I am so gonna do that next  year....whoa, his car is dirty inside!  lol 

3.  Need AWESOME music...I still need to work on my running playlist...some songs in there are just NOT meant to listen to when running. 

4.  I need to take breaks inbetween the days that I work out.  I can't run every day, as much as I would love to, I am not there yet.  This used to bother me and now I realize that my body does need a day to heal.  Running one day and walking the other is OK!

5.  Just run and go with it and who cares how far you go...enjoy it!!!  Running is a total mind game and I have to play tricks on myself so that my mind doesn't tell my body that it's tired when it's really not! 

Now to work at getting better at the 1 mile and work up to 2 miles!   5k here we come!!!

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