Friday, June 15, 2012

Blogs I follow for motivation

Where I have found motivation...from other ladies who have put themselves out there in the blog world! 

Check out my Blog list there on the left...these ladies are serious about running and/or weight loss and are succeeeding!  Very cool!

Mama Laughlin - this girl is hilarious, totally my kinda girl...cut the BS and get to the real stuff kind of girl!  She has lost weight after having both of her 2 boys by just watching what she eats and running. 

Skinny Runner - This girl is a hard core runner...this is where I go to learn stuff about running. 

Miss Madison's Charmed life - another amazing inspiration story.  She started out at 260lbs and now is down to 140s! 

Keeping Up with Katie - she's just a young girl who lost weight starting with weight watchers and started running a lot and biking.  She's pretty cool! 

Check them out!

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