Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't get discouraged!

So yesterday after I posted my post for the day I realized that some of you who might be following me, might see me loosing almost 5lbs a week and get discouraged because you've only lost 1lb.  In order to help undo any discouragement you might have felt...here's some things you should know! 

- I am overweight..no secret, duh!, so that is going to impact me losing weight a little bit faster.  I know though that when I get closer to my goal weight that it will slow down. 

- In the past 10 weeks since I have started this new lifestyle...there have been 4 weeks where I have actually gained weight.  Nothing crazy but sometimes life happens or you go through a week of craving nothing but chocolate. (tell me I'm not that only one who does that!)  That was me 2 weeks ago!  It was nutso!

- On average over the past 10 weeks I have averaged losing 1.66lbs per week.  See!  That's normal and right what I should be doing!  So even though I may have dropped 4.6lbs this past week, prior to this past week, I had gained a 1 pound over those 2 weeks prior.  Frustrating...let me tell ya! 

- I just keep going no matter what!  I don't get frustrated when I don't see the scale go down, I know what I have to do and I just need to make it happen.  It took me 11 years to get to the weight that I am, it is not going to come off in a short period of time!  Major bummer it doesn't work out like that!  I only take 1 week at a time.  Can I be good for 1 week...definitely.  If I slack 1 day is it gonna break me...no way!  I just gotta start over the next day. 

It's all about 1 meal, 1 snack, 1 day, 1 week away from our goals!  I may not be able to think right away about doing something for a month or a year...but I can definitely do it for a week! 

It's all about being realistic! 

On to bigger and better news!

This Thursday I have signed up for first ever 5k race.  I am so mixed with emotions about this.  I'm so excited that I want to scream and/or hide in a hole and yell at myself "what were you thinkin!?!?!"  Will I be able to run the entire 3.2 miles...I'm gonna say noooo.  However...will I run the majority of it...YOU BET YOUR BIG BOOTIE I WILL! 

I'm gonna guess I'm going to look more like the 1st duck in this picture!!

My BFF and I will be running this together, she's the one who I have been "reporting" to for the past 10 weeks and have been my accountability partner (which I highly recommend doing)!  This is going to be a total fun run, see what the heck we are capable of...AND...best part...GET A TSHIRT!!!!!!!  lol  I'm all about getting tshirts from all over...so it will be a HUGE high-light of the night when I get that thing and can wear it the next day showing it off!  WHOOHOO! 

Should be a lot of fun considering its a night run so it'll be cooler...sweeeet! 

Goal for tonight?  Head out with Miss H and get a good run in at the park...I'd LOOOVE to see 2 miles!   Last night I got a quick 1 mile run in and it felt AMAZING! 

How do you keep yourself from getting discouraged with your weight loss?

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