Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Weigh-Ins

Good Morning!  Had a pretty good weekend and as a bonus this morning when I stepped on the scale I was 4.6lbs less!!!  WHOOHOO!!!  Go me Go me!!!! 

4.6lbs lighter!  Total weight loss - 21.7lbs!

I was very surprised to see that this morning because weekends are tough when trying to lose weight especially when it's summer and there are all kinds of BBQs going on and as you know, there is not always the most healthiest of choices when at those parties.  Plus, I don't know about you, but it's so tempting to try all the yummy goodies that everyone brings!  But this weekend, I did pretty good! 

My biggest struggle on the weekends is I forget to eat as often as I do through the week and drink as much water.  I like to eat every 2 hours, just something light, and lots of water and this weekend I really tried to be diligent about doing this.  This weekend I wasn't able to get outside and run as much as I would have liked due to busy schedules and watching an extra dog this weekend, (yes I have a dog, the Tobster, I'll show you a pic sometime).  However I did get out on Sunday while Miss H was with her dad for Father's day.  It was HOT and I only went out for a 45 minute brisk walk but man I was sweating afterwards but it felt great.  I love that feeling of my legs being sore and being able to tell I pushed myself. 

Love me some good scenery!
Also this weekend, and as of lately, I've been trying to get better about wearing my boot to stretch out my feet in hopes that it continues to help with my plantar fasciitis.  If you have this,  you know how not fun this is, and I was really upset when I first started running when I thought this was going to prevent me from ever achieving my goal but I've learned that if I actually do stretch it out, I don't get the shooting pains like I used to when I walk.  AMAZING what happens when you listen to your Dr right??  ha!

In addition, on Sunday I was able to get one meal ready for us this week, I made buffalo chicken for lettuce wraps we will be having this week for dinner.  One nice thing about being a single mom is that if I plan my meals right, I really only have to make 2 meals a week and just change it up and have leftovers inbetween things.  This is also something that has helped me stay on track with eating right, is planning out my meals for the week and making whatever I can ahead of time so that way I'm not tempted to pick up a pizza or stop at McD's on the way home for a quick meal.  Typically, also on Sunday nights, you'll find me cutting up my fresh veggies and fruits for the week.  Last night it was celery and (again...I can't help it, I love this fruit!) cantalope.

All it takes is a little planning and being prepared and its amazing how much easier it is to stay on track with living a healthy lifestyle!  Plus it makes it easier for Miss H to just grab a few celery sticks as a snack! 

Happy Monday!

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