Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What am I doing?

So you may be wondering...what I am doing to lose weight?  So I thought I would be nice and share.

My plan is...only to eat around 1200 calories a day (which actually is very filling,  you'd be surprised what you really only need to "fill" yourself up). Also to walk/run as often as I can.  Now hold your horses...when I say can...I don't mean when I feel like's literally when I have someone to watch Miss H (my daughter) or I can get her to go on her bike with me so I can run....THAT, my friends, is the life of a single mama! 

What am I eating? 

Breakfast:   Greek yogurt  and granola
(I'm not a huge fan of yogurt, in the past I would go through phases where I loved it and then it would make me gag after a week of it and I wouldn't eat it for a month.)  I've found adding te granola (something crunchy...this girl loves crunch!) helps a lot! 

Morning Snack - String cheese, FiberOne 90 cal granola bar, or an apple. 

Lunch - Turkey sandwhich on wheat bread with some kind of fruit...lately I've been on a cantalope phase. 
(This probably surprises me the most out of everything I eat, just a simple sandwhich and fruit actually fills me up...I used to eat WAAAAAY WAY WAY more for lunch)

Afternoon snack - if I need it, I'll eat an apple or whatever I have left from my snacks that I didn't eat in the morning. 

Dinner - I eat whatever I would normally make for dinner for Miss H and myself.  Being a single parent and there only being 2 of us in the house...I can't cook two separate meals for me and Miss H.  We would be eating the same thing every single day and THAT would get old real fast.  So what do I do???  I eat smaller portions.  How do I control that?  I use a smaller plate.  Whatever fits on there, is what I eat and its enough. 

Evening snack - this is the hard one for me because this is when I get "bored" and I tend to eat because of that.  This is wear drinking a lot of water comes into play...if I drink a lot, I'm not hungry and that erge to eat something just because isn't there.  BUT if I do crave something or am actually hungry...I'll eat some kind of fruit or carrots or a 100 cal bag of popcorn. 

Also something that I think is I drink a TON (more like between 1-2 gallons) of water a day!  Drinking water is something that I've always struggled with...not something I crave.  BUT...I have found out that if I drink through a strawl...I'll drink more.  And I do!  I have 1 for at work and 1 for at home.  And yes I pee sucks..but its the price ya gotta pay!

Also a cool tool that I use is "My Fitness Pal" app on my iphone.  I track everything that I eat and this tool helps a ton!!  Gotta love me some technology!

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