Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today is THE day....with a chance of rain...seriously??

Well is the day...the day of my first 5k.  And I am nervous!!!!!  Last night I went out for a quick 1 mile run and the whole time I'm thinking...what was I thinking??  The longest you have ran is 1.5miles Sarah! 

I am so someone that doesn't so something until I know I can do it going into a 5k knowing full well that I am not going to be able to run the whole thing is hard for me!  But....this will be good for me.  It's a reminder that just because I can't do it now doesn't mean I shouldn't try now!  It's just going to be a "fun run" and a learning experience! 

Say a prayer for me tonight that I don't die somewhere along the course....I would really appreciate it!  And I pray to God I am not the last one to cross the finish line...I SHOULD be able to beat all those walkers! 

This morning on top of my nervousness as I'm getting ready for this morning I hear the good ole weather man saying how it's like 70% chance of rain/thunderstorms tonight. 

OF COURSE IT IS!!!!!!!  WHY would it be dry and perfect running weather on my first time running a race???  UGH!!!!! 

I so wanted to reach thru the TV and just strangle that man...oh well.  I guess if it's raining no one will see how much I am sweating right??  Always a positive in every situation right???  Oh well...even though I'm nervous as ever I'm excited to learn how this all works.  And goal was to be able to run a 5k by this fall and I still have a lot of time before then to achieve that goal! 

Happy Thursday ya'll!

Looking all bad azz this morning...well kinda...ok maybe my new shades though!

Feeling great! 

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  1. Sarah - You are looking AMAZING girlie!!! You are an inspiration and have helped me get back on the path of eating right and exercising. I definitely plan on keeping up with your weight loss blog.



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