Friday, June 29, 2012

For all you Stalkers out there...

Yeah...I know you are there. 

Unfortunately ONLY 7 of you have actually clicked on "JOIN THIS SITE" that's on the actually admit you are following my oh so boring life....its ok...just do'll make me feel good!  Like I have friends or somethin'! 

And with having 669 page views the last time I checked....I'm pretty sure that those 7 people that have said they are following my site are NOT checking my page almost 40x a day...I'm sure their lives are waaaay more exciting and only check this page 20x! 

However...if you would like to stalk me even more...check me out on name on there is sarahg2604

Then you can REALLY see what I'm doing with my workouts and food and so on! 

Stalk away all you secret stalkers!  Love ya!!!  :)

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