Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sharing my Journey

Hi!  Welcome to my blog!  I am Sarah, a 29 year old single mama who has finally found the determination to find ME again!  I've been a single parent for about 6 years now and if you've ever been a single parent, you know how crazy life can be at times and how a lot of the time, YOU definitely do not come first very often. 

About a month or two before my 29th birthday I was really starting to feel the need to do something before I turn the big 3-0 next year!  So I have started to work out, actually trying to become a "runner" even though that word has never been in my vocabulary ever in my life.  It is something that I have always desired to be but never was able to push past the tough times to hopefully find that it does get easier eventually (or at least I hope it does!)

Why am I starting a blog??  Not really sure, probably mostly just to keep myself accountable...can't really put yourself out there anymore than online right??  And hopefully, hopefully, along the way as I hit my goals that I inspire someone else to get out there just like me and make things possible that they never thought would! 

Things you should know about me? 

- When I started this back on April 2, 2012, my goal was to lose 90lbs!  yikes that's a high number, as of yesterday, I have lost 20lbs since then.  yay!

- I've never been a runner, I've always liked to walk whenever I can but that's not good enough anymore...I want to be a runner! 

- I do not believe that skinny = healthy.  Raising a daughter I in no way shape or form want her to believe that skinny is what we are supposed to be.  I want to be healthy and the way my life was before I started on my journey was definitely NOT healthy. 

- I do not promise in any way that the grammer on this blog will be's a blog and it's mine and I'm the one talking about my big bootie...I'll write the way I want to!  :) 

- I am very, very sarcastic, when reading this blog...remember that.  It'll help! 

Also...can you do me a favor?  You see there on the left side where it says "Join this site"...please click that! I'd love to know if you are following my blog!  Makes it much more fun to know if I have stalkers or not!  k?  Thanks!

Thanks for following my journey! 
This is me, by the way!  Hi!

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