Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eating Healthy - Make it a Family Thing!

Why is it that when Mom goes on a diet it seems she eats differently than the entire family?? 

I remember growing up my Mom would have some kind of salad while the rest of the family chowed down on the yummy dinner she made for the rest of us.  And I found myself kind of doing the same thing with Miss H a few months ago when I would stash stuff away that was for me only.  Well that doesn't really make sense...I want Miss H AND myself to be healthy and to learn the right ways to why the heck am I keeping her from that stuff?  I'm sure there is plenty of greek yogurt at the store that I could share a few with her...duh! 

And because I've been doing this...she wants to eat what I am eating! 

Look at that! 
Last night she had a SALAD for dinner and blueberries with a side of hamburger helper that she didn't even finish because she prefered the healthy stuff!  Yes!  I rock as a mom!!!!  I love that she is being exposed to good things as such a young age, that'll only lead to good things when she is an adult! 

Here's is my meal from last night
Lettuce wraps (similar to PF Changs) and a Ceaser Salad made by the Boy Toy...aka....boyfriend....aka Tony the other night.  Thanks Babe!
I had 2 of the lettuce wraps last night and the salad and surprisingly...I wasn't stuffed but I was full.  I kind of wondered if I would be hungry later that night but I wasn't.  PERFECTION! 

Also went to the park last night with Miss H so she could ride her bike on the bike path and I ran some.  It was HOT out! 

Stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down 2.2lbs baby!!!!  I'm going to be really good till Monday to get a good weigh-in for the week!!!

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