Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Face Comparison

So I was looking at the picture I just posted in the previous post and I was like wow, I can really see that I have lost weight even in my face for the first time.  So I thought I would share a comparison for you so hopefully you can see it to! 

Our Christmas card picture this past year (2011)

Me today...22.5lbs lighter...with a really bad hair day going on! Don't worry I'm getting my hair cut this Saturday!
I might be the only person who can see it but WOW!  That's pretty cool!  I was starting to be very self conscious of smiling back then just because smiling made my face look bigger. lol  Oh geez...nex year's Christmas card won't look like that and I won't be choosing the one that I look the "thinner" in. 

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