Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


my cutie patootie at just 6 months old!!! 

I hate dispise dislike a lot the holiday of Halloween.  It's my least favorite holiday.  Call me a fun sucker, loser, boring...whatever...I just hate it.  I'm a good sport though and wore orange and black today.  see I'm not a total loser!

I hate being scared so anything haunted is totally out for me. 

Not a fan of dressing up in costumes and if I did it would have to be over the top AWESOME or I would just feel dumb. 

And this year I especially hate the candy...candy didn't show up in my house until last night and I still ate 2 pieces! 

I swear this holiday is just after to make moms fat and dentist rich. 

Do I still pass out candy though? Yes

Do I take my daughter trick or treating?  Yes

Do we go trick or treating until I'm left carrying the candy basket because it's now too heavy for Miss H?  You betcha! 

Do my co-workers love me the next day for the candy I bring into work?  Duh! 

Happy Halloween to all you halloweening lovers...just don't scare me! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Neighborhood Thinks I've Gone Cookoo

Yesterday was my scheduled 3 mile run to finish out week 1 of training for the Turkey Trot and of course it had to be one of the windiest, coldest days so far this season all thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  Absolutely crazy that we are feeling the effects of a hurricane here in Ohio and we've got snow this morning!  But anyways, I left work really trying to not talk myself out of this run.  My mind kept saying "oh just wait until tomorrow maybe it won't be so bad tomorrow" but I knew I couldn't do that.  I needed to just suck it up and do it. 

And I did. 

wind slowed me down some...the headwind was insane

I'm still learning that running in the cold isn't as bad as just being outside in the cold.  I don't have a ton of winter running clothes yet and that made me really nervous that I'd have to turn around because I wouldn't be able to handle it.  I headed out with running capri's, a wicking tshirt and a running jacket.  That's it.  Crazy right? 

However, I was actually fine.  I was cold and wished I had something on my ears when I was heading right into the wind but otherwise I think I would have been hot with something on my head.  Yeah, you heard me right, hot.  It's amazing once you realize what you need to keep you warm in a run, and for me it's my hands.  I tuck my hands into my long sleeve shirts/jackets and I'm warm.  Once I was warmed up, my hands were out again and I was feeling good.  I started out against the wind, I guess they say that's what you gotta do, and I definitely did...several times!  But when I wasn't running against the wind, it was a nice break, if you will. 

There were several times I wanted to stop and take a break but I didn't let myself.  Not even once.  My right leg was tight and felt like I needed to stretch it out but I didn't let myself and it eventually went away.  I was even, dare I say, happy while I was out there in that crazy wind and cold temps...but I was!  I was happy to see that I was the only one out in my neighborhood still running.  Trust me I got lots of stares and people taking double takes when they saw me out running while people are layered up with winter coats and hats and in their warm cars.  I'm sure they thought I was nuts...but you know what???

I'm a runner...and I'm not letting mother nature ruin what I have worked up to in the past 6 months! 

No way Jose'!

At one point as I was running into the wind I even started to get mad and fight for my run.  I'm not quitting I told myself!  Bring on the wind...I.AM.NOT.QUITTING! 

When I got to 2.5 miles I was so proud of myself.  When I left my house I wasn't sure I'd last more than 10 minutes out here and here I was 2.5 miles later and I'm still going.  HELL YA!!!!!!!! 

I did a small loop and I started to think about how my next run was to be 3.5 miles.  The furthest I've ever run and I'll be honest...I'm scared of what lies beyond 3 miles.  It's the land of the unknown and I'm not sure how I'll do it.  But while I was thinking this the weirdest thing happened....I could tell without even looking at my GPS that I had hit 3 miles and suddenly my legs felt lighter and my level of effort I put in, didn't have to be so much.  And immediately I thought....I've got the next 3.5 mile runs, the 4 mile runs, the 4.5 mile runs AND the freaking 5 mile run!!!!!!!!!! 

I couldn't believe my confidence in my ability I felt. 
Me?!?!  Sarah! 
The one during volleyball seasons in high school who dreaded the 1 mile test at the track and the laps during track season for warm I am training for 5 miles!!!!!!  

I am a freaking runner!!!

Next couple of days is cross training and then Thursday is 3.5 miles!!!

Happy Tuesday!! 
Lots of Prayers going out to those of you on the east coast, especially my dear friends! 
Stay safe!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Training Days 3 & 4

Gonna make this real quick!

Saturday I did Day 3 of my training and did 2 quick miles.  This was a different run for several reasons:

1. It was COLD!  In the low 40s but it was also windy.  Make my eyes water big time and had to put my face down to avoid the wind. 

2.  I ran in running Capri's and a long-sleeve running top and it was the first time I wished I had something over my ears (can anyone recommend a good place to get one??) far I've been fine as long as my hands are warm but with the wind getting colder, I think I'm gonna need something over my ears. 

But I did it and was happy afterwards.  I didn't intend to go that fast but again, my body likes the colder temps and surprises me how fast I go in it.  

Day 3 - 2 miles
Pre - Run
Saturday afternoon I went shopping with my sis and found some great deals at NY&CO and tried on jeans and fit into a size 14!!!!

14 jeans baby!
I knew I already fit into size 14 dress pants but I just figured it would be a while till I could wear 14 jeans just because they are totally different type of pants but I was wrong!  My mind definitely played tricks on me thinking I needed bigger sizes while out shopping but each time I had to go back for smaller sizes! 

I'm now a size 14 pants and size large top.  SWEET!!!

Sunday I was re cooperating from a late night out with friends for a Halloween I didn't dress up, not a fan of Halloween but I did wear orange!  It was cold and very windy on Sunday and I needed to get something in, and so I took Toby for a good 1.5 mile walk.

I think he was even a little cold.
It was cold, I even put my hood up on my sweatshirt to block some of the wind, it was crazy and not much motivation for me to get out tonight and run 3 miles.  Hurricane Sandy is kind of messing with my plans a little.  So rude!

Overall I was happy with my weekend...and have my week planned out with my runs, hope I can get them in!

Happy Monday!!!

Questions for you runners who read this:

- Where do you get a ear muff/headband type thing to wear during the winter?  I want a good one!


Friday, October 26, 2012

***Fashion Friday*** Black & Gold!!

Fashion Friday

~ Black & Gold~

I have finally jumped on the black and gold, black and brown phase and I LOVE IT!!!!

Like I love it so much I could marry it and be with it FOREVA...kinda love! 

Silver was on the rave forever it seems and now gold is coming back with a major bang and I wear gold now more than I wear silver it seems. 

I used to say I wore gold with more earth tones (browns, greens, red, etc) but now I wear it with everything.  I'm obsessed, I tell ya. 

pintest - this is premier's jewelry by the way

wow I look hot this morning (not!)




much better! 

I don't know what it is, but I just think it looks so classy and makes a huge statement.  It takes confidence to pull off the look which we all have and should rock constantly! 

Love me some black and gold tones and you should too!  It's everywhere this season! 


Day 1 of Turkey Trot Training

Day 1
Last night I did Day 1 of my training plan for the Turkey Trot.  Three easy slow miles which were tough.  My legs were tight, even though I stretched out pretty good before I left, I was still tight.  I stopped a few times to stretch out my caves or hamstrings so my time is off here but all that I care is that I ran 3 miles.  I'm not running for time here, I'm just running to complete it. 

Last night I took a different path that I've never had the courage to do because half of it is on a road with no sidewalks and part of it has no extra space on the sides for runners/walkers.  It's kind of dangerous and scary and I've avoided it just because I was nervous and a big ole chicken but not last night.  Some drivers I wasn't sure if they were going to get over or slow down for me at all, one I made sure to wave at as they drove by maybe a foot away from me...jerk!  But I ran against the traffic so I could see what was coming at me and could run in the grass if need be. 

However, even though it was a tough run when I turned down the street close to my house and saw my ending point, I became overwhelmingly proud of myself, seeing that part of my run and knowing how far I've come to get here was an amazing feeling.  I still can't believe I can run 3 miles and plan on working up to 5.  wow, just wow! 

Best thing of the whole night was getting this text from my BFF...put a smile on my face. 

Sometimes I feel like I look like an idiot out there and think I probably look like I don't know what I'm doing, and last night was especially one of those nights because I ran on a main road with a lot of people passing me on my run so her text was perfect! 

Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Turkey Trot 5 miles here we come...

So I did it...I am registered for the Miamisburg Turkey Trot....5 freaking miles. 


I already have sweaty hands over this! 

If I can run 5 dude, it's gonna be sweeeeeeeet! 

So here's the plan, yes I found a training program because I'm freaked out about running 5 miles, it seems so much longer than 3 miles and I need a plan to work my way up to it and feel confident that morning that I can run the whole thing!  Even though I'm ok if I have to walk some and finish out running.  Just to have the courage to sign up for it is awesome!  Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever seen myself thinking that I could run a mile let alone 5 miles!  WOW!!

So here's my training plan: 

Week 1
Day 1 (tonight) - Run 3 miles
Day 2 - rest
Day 3 - run 2 miles
Day 4 - Cross Train
Day 5 - rest
Day 6 - run 3 miles
Day 7 - rest/walk 30 minutes

Week 2
Day 1 - run 3.5 miles
Day 2 - rest
Day 3 - Run 3 miles
Day 4 - cross train
Day 5 - rest
Day 6 - run 3.5 miles
day 7 - rest or walk 30 minutes

Week 3
Day 1 - run 4 miles
Day 2 - rest
Day 3 - Run 3 miles
Day 4 - cross train
Day 5 - rest
Day 6 - run 4.5 miles
day 7 - rest or walk 30 minutes

Week 4
Day 1 - Run 40 minutes
Day 2 - Cross Train
Day 3 - Run 30 minutes
Day 4 - Race Day!  5 miles baby!! November 22nd 8am!!

This schedule will be flexible just because it's not guaranteed that every day I am scheduled to run that I'll be able to but I'm going to get in those 3 runs a week somehow!  And week 4 will end earlier than before the race starts but I'll just keep things light that week nothing longer than 3 miles. 

Follow me on this and see what happens!!!  I'm excited!!! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ghost & Goblin 5k Race Recap

Last night was my 4th 5k I've ran since I started in April and it was by far the biggest race.  There were well over 3000 runners/walkers and it was crazy! 

Parking was kind of insane because we were in downtown Dayton but just because we had to deal with stop lights and everyone trying to get into the downtown area plus all those trying to leave downtown from work for the day.  I got parked finally and walked over to the stage area where the main area was for the race and quickly found my friends Carol and Laura. 

Carol I didn't get a picture with you but you looked great!!!  Congrats on a great race!!

Laura and me
I've known Laura since college and she's just one of those people you never miss a beat with and I was so glad to see her there!  I think she has me talked into doing the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning (5 miles though...yikes!) 

Love having friends who are also getting into running!  Makes things so much more fun!!

I got in line to go to the bathroom one more time before we started and the lines weren't terrible which was nice considering how many people were there.  It also gave me a chance to check out a lot of people's costumes.  Some of the customes I have no idea how people were able to run 3 miles in.  Just crazy!

A few costumes in line for the potty

Then the craziness started and we all got in line. 

Starting Line
What's up with the dude in the blue posing??  ;)
It was nuts to say the least.  We were packed tight.  They did attempt to have it that areas were labeled with times of where to start at but I don't think anyone paid attention to that.  We started back at the 10 minute pace and we should have either started up front or way in the back. 

Probably my biggest gripe of the whole race was the race started 3 minutes early which threw everyone off because no one was expecting it.  So I had to quickly throw on my music and get going.  However, it took a little over 2 minutes for us to even get over the starting line and then probably another few minutes to where everyone could actually get moving and running.   I also forgot to turn on my RunKeeper App so I don't have my stats according to that. 

Next  year I want wings and a tutu like this girl!
The crowd was nuts and I really wish they would have had it that those planning on running the 5k would have started first and then the walkers start after all the runners cross the starting line because for at least the first mile I was weaving like pac man through the crowds. 

***Note to the wise....if you are having to walk during a race, no one minds if you do, but here's a couple of tips so you don't tick people off or cause injury to others or yourself:

1. If you are running and feel like you need to walk...look behind you before you just stop out of no where, there could be someone just a few feet behind you and they can't read your mind if you are going to suddenly stop out of no where. 
2.  If you are walking with a friend...keep it to 1 other person or if there is multiples of you, don't walk 4 or 5 across, there are people who would love to pass you because they are running and it's hard to when you take up the whole path. 
3.  If you are walking, stay off to the sides so it's easy for those to pass you, it'll keep everyone much happier and safer. 

All of those above happened to me more than once last night and it was irritating and it slowed me down.  I about tripped and fell at least once last night. 

The course was pretty good, hillier (is that a word?) than I had been told but it wasn't terrible.  On the way back to the city we had some great views of downtown and that was nice.  Wish I would have taken some pictures for y'all.  I'm a loser I know!

Coming back into downtown it was a lot of fun.  Lots of people cheering and music playing.  I did finally get to see Miss H and Tony right before I crossed the finish line.  I loved having them there and knowing there was someone there supporting me! 

Thanks Tony for coming and bringing Miss H with you!!! 

My official time for the race was 34:23.  Not my best time but I take the 2 extra minutes it took me was because of the weaving I had to do in the crowds, but that's alright!  I did it! 

The party afterwards was nice.  They had a DJ and tons of pizza from Domino's and lots of fruit and cookies and water for everyone, though I would have loved to get a second bottle of water, but I couldn't find any more. 

How did I feel during the race physically? 

I was tight, I should have stretched more.  Stretching definitely makes a huge difference and I think I would have been able to go faster if I was stretched out better.  It was also hot and there was no breeze at all. 

It was a good race.  I pushed through everything and made it and felt strong at the end and was able to pick up my pace the last quarter of a mile. 

Overall, it was a good race but I think for being the 27th year of this race and it being the size it is, they need to fix the whole crowd issue so that it runs better for safety reasons.  Also if you plan on running in this race in the future, know too that their sizing for their shirts is way off!  I ordered a large and I was swimming in it. 

Like a loser though, I completely forgot about getting a picture of Miss H with me last night but she was there!  And the whole ride home she talked about the race and all the costumes that she saw.  I absolutely loved having her there and knowing she was waiting for me at the finish line. 

Now do I try to do the 5 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving or not? 
Any suggestions on how I work up to that? 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm Ready for New Things!

Yesterday I was doing some research, aka talking to my BFF, about how I need do something to kick start my weight loss again.  I'm super duper stuck I feel and there is nothing I can do to get below 30lbs lost! 

I've been thinking about doing some kind of detox thing and my BFF suggested one that she tried and lost 10lbs doing so.  Cool!  Sign me up! 

Detox Drink

2 Liters of water
1 medium cucumber sliced thin
1 lemon sliced thin
1 tsp. ginger
10 mint leaves
Leave set overnight and drink a cup before each meal. 

Didn't sound too bad and last night I took a drink of it and surprisingly it was pretty refreshing.  This morning it is definitely stronger in taste but still pretty good. 

We will see what this does!  I'm not much into the whole fad diet thing and so I'm curious if this will do anything. 

Also yesterday I picked up this

Ghost and Goblin 5k
My first ever Race Bib.  This will be my 4th 5k but the first time where I've ever actually gotten a bib and yes I'm a nerd and excited about it! 

Last night I packed my bag for the race and just chilled out and drinking lots of water.  It's supposed to be in the mid 70s today so it'll be interesting to see how this goes since lately it's been mostly in the 50s when I've been running. 

Either way it'll be fun since I'm getting to meet up with some friends and Tony and Miss H are coming to watch! 

Wish me Luck! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

I STILL Don't Believe it!

Weekend recap before I get to the good stuff...

I was pretty good with my eating this weekend.  Tracked my food all weekend and was pretty good about staying in my calorie intake.  However, the scale is STILL in the same darn area. 

I'm beyond frustrated!  It's not very motivating when you are doing better and nothing changes!!!  I'm about to call in some experts for advice if things don't change soon.  Not sure who those "experts" would be but I'm gonna have to find their number and call them. 


I also worked out every single day.  Friday was 30 day shred and arm workouts.  Saturday was 30 day shred. 

Yes I'm cool
I felt strong Saturday night.  My muscles were jelly but I love getting through a hard workout. 

Also this weekend, we headed to the pumpkin patch with my sis and newphew.  I love fall and anything that involves pumpkins.  Love it love it love!!!

Me and Miss H
church outfit Saturday...that's a Large sweater not an XL!! 
And now to the good stuff...

Sunday was going to be the only day I could really get a run in and my motivation to do so was getting lower and lower as the time got closer.  I got dressed in a long-sleeve tech shirt and shorts and got Miss H ready for Sunday religion classes and we headed out.  I was tired, my legs felt sore, and it was cold.  Like REALLY cold.  Like I didn't realize how cold it was and probably shouldn't have worn shorts kind of cold. 

Yikes!!  Can we say brr???
I thought it was going to be in the 40s/lower 50s maybe but not in the 30s!  Definitely wasn't helping my motivation.  I dropped Miss H off at her class and went outside and was SERIOUSLY and I mean SERIOUSLY people, considering not going and just being a bum and taking a nap in my car. 

Then I remembered reading someone saying once, that when she doesn't feel like running because it's cold out, she tells herself that she'll run for 10 minutes and if she's not warmed up by then she'll turn around and head back and then at least getting 20 minutes of running in and 2 miles.  So I told myself to just do that and see what happens.  I knew I needed to get a run in because I'm running in a 5k tomorrow evening and gotta get some miles in.  Plus I really DID want to see what I could all handle as far as cold temps and how to dress. 

They say you should dress for 20 degrees warmer than it really is out to run in and for me I'm not really sure what that is yet.  When running in the cold my hands get cold first but if they are warm I am good.  After finally convincing myself to go out and run and reminding myself that I really did want to figure out how I felt with just shorts and a long sleeve shirt on in the cooler temps I went out. 

Ran with my music this time for a distraction, started my RunKeeper and headed out.  At first I was miserable....not because of my legs, or I was cold but because my damn underwear was riding UP and I was getting some major wedgies.  SERIOUSLY?!?  But after we worked that issue out, I was going.  Feeling good, I was cold. but I had my hands tucked in my sleeves and I was pretty warm.  It was cold don't get me wrong, but I wasn't cold cold if you know what I mean. 

While I was running I was debating on where to go.  Turn Right and do a loop and I know I'm going to have to go past where I started to hit 3 miles or go left and do a big loop around a block and end at 3 miles where I started.  Turning left was out of my comfort zone because

1.  I would be running on a main highway facing the traffic and I'm still embarressed for people to see me...retarded because I've always ran outside but when I'm facing the traffic it's like HEY LOOK AT ME, I"M RUNNIN'! 

2.  I wasn't really sure where I had to turn in the neighborhoods to do the 3 mile loop and end up back at the church to get Miss H in time.  I've drove it once but I just could envision myself lost in a back neighborhood and no idea how to get back. 

Major concerns there, right??

Well I got to the point where the decision had to be made and I went left.  Running facing the traffic was like accountability, I didn't want to stop in front of all those people and look like a total newbie!  I got to another stop light, stopped caught my breathe and took off again and I was feeling good! 

I was finally warmed up, completely forgot about my 10 minute running rule and was doing it.  I had my pace and felt AMAZING!  Like really good and was waiting for the wall to hit me that I normally feel around 1-2 miles in but it didn't come.  Which then made me think maybe I turned at the wrong spot and hadn't even hit 2 miles yet.  Oh well, I wasn't letting myself look at my RunKeeper and just went with it. 

I hit hills, which I forgot about when I was thinking about turning left but oh well, I was in them and couldn't do anything about it now.  I read somewhere that with hills you should put in the same amount of effort but shorten your stride and I did that and it actually helped a lot.  I didn't slow down any but it made the hills seem easier. 

I was moving through the neighborhoods, it was so pretty with all the leaves changing colors and falling.  I should have taken pictures but I didn't want to get my phone out and chance seeing how far I had went.  It was a perfect day for running and I felt amazing!  I mean really good.  Every now and then a little self doubt would try to creep in and tell me that I hadn't gone very far but I just pushed it aside and kept going.  Just kept focusing on finding the street I needed to find that would take me into another neighborhood and would lead me right back to my starting point.  I found it and knew I had to be close to 3 miles and I was still waiting for that wall to hit me but it didn't feel like it was anywhere in sight and I just kept going. 

I can't even describe how good I felt, it felt effortless and like it was natural for me to be going that long.  I was enjoying the moment and loving what I was doing.  It was sooooo good!  I made a turn and saw the main road that I needed to hit for me to get back to my starting point and I was feeling I shouldn't stop and just keep going.  I got to the front of the church and looked at my RunKeeper app and saw this

No way!  I'm not convinced that my time is right there just because my first mile it said I was going a 6mm and there is NO WAY I was going that fast but I don't see how it could be off with how long I ran,  the pace yes I could see being off but the time????  I'm not sure. 

This is an area where I am excited with myself and so proud of what I've done but then I'm like...REALLY, I did that???  Come on, there is no way!  This has gotta be a joke right??  I even went and drove the route with my car to make sure it really was 3.1 miles and it was. 

I still don't believe it.  I didn't feel like I was going that fast, I actually felt slower than I normally feel but I also felt really really good!  Almost too good to be true kind of good.  I have NEVER felt that good while running 3 miles.  What is going on?? 

I'll take it though.  For a run that I really didn't think or want to happen, it was amazing and something that I will keep in my mind when not feeling motivated to go run out in the cold. 

Have you ever gotten to a point in something that you just can't believe what you accomplished??

Friday, October 19, 2012

***Fashion Friday*** & more!

I was lazy awesome this week with not feeling well and so I slacked on my Fashion Friday post.  So here it good ole' lazy Sarah fashion in one it is...

Impressed much??? 

No?  Whaaaaat?? 

Guess I'll need to explain for my fellow blonde sisters out there.  Last week we covered scarves and I'm pretty much in full-mode with wearing them every every other day because I love them.  I'm no fashionista but I love simple fashion and scares are simple fashion in my mind. 

Today I just have a simple black cotton T on from Kohls and I pair it with a red scarf for some color.  But what this Fashion Friday post is about is the fact that you can still wear a necklace with a scarf and I highly recommend it.  It's another one of those ways that just makes you look like you know what your doing that much more!  Long necklaces is where it's act girlfriends!

Frame those scarves with a long necklace.  Yes you are allowed to do this!  And it looks great!  Don't skip out on the necklace just because you have a scarf on.  I know I say this all the time...but trust me!!!  You'll look fabulous darling just fabulous! 

So there ya have simple fashion tip for the week in just one picture! 


Other news...and more pictures....last night I did the 30DS again...I'm really digging the weight lifting thing more and more.  I'm sweaty and tired and my muscles are shaking when I'm's like a big bowl of chocolate ice cream....well...sorda but not really.  Anywho...

Miss H grabbed my phone while I was working out and she thought she'd be miss paparazzi

hilarious...I look like I'm blown up like a balloon in the far right picture because I'm doing either jumping jacks or jump rope. 
So there's the proof that I did workout last night.  AND I stayed within my calorie intake yesterday. 

Rock Star!!!! 

What's in my lunch box for today
Also packed my lunch last night and I'm pretty excited about it....not gonna lie. 

Breakfast - Plain greek yogurt with granola and honey
Morning snack - Laughing cow cheese - have you laughed today??
Lunch - awesome salad with cauliflower, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes and light french dressing and my Luna Bar
Afternoon snack - apple

Yum Yum!! 

Have a great weekend y'all!  We are heading to the pumpkin patch this weekend! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Quick Reminder

Due to my blog becoming more popular I think I need to revisit a few things just as a reminder to everyone who happens to be reading this (thank you for doing so by the way!)

1.  Please PLEASE PLEASE remember that I am very sarcastic and that when reading this blog you should read it with that tone in mind!  What does that mean?  What comes out of my mouth is not dead on serious!  In fact most of any "picking on" or "making fun of" I may do on this blog...95% of it IS NOT SERIOUS!!!!  The only thing that is serious on this blog is my motivation to lose weight and to become a runner.  I'm real with ya'll but I'm not taking things too serious over please remember to read it with sarcasm.  If you don't get sarcasm, I truly apologize if what I've said offends you, but I'd recommend you to stop reading because that's just who I am and my sense of humor.  It's all in good fun!

2.  I am new to this blog world and I am going to screw up, so bare with me. 

3.  I have said things on this blog that may have implied by mistake that I "blame" someone for me being overweight or for who I am today.  And I will set the record straight that I take full responsibility for who I am and for me being overweight.  Sure things can impact all of us in our lives that may change our route that we take or who we become, but I am firm believer that everything happens for a reason and a true purpose.  So even though in some areas of my life I may have been dealt a crappy hand I accept it and move on and know that there is a great purpose for me and that for whatever reasons those things were meant to happen to me because I can handle them.  I apologize for anything that I may have wrote implying that but it was definitely not meant to be implied and I apologize for that. 

Ok back to our regularly scheduled....umm posts?  ha! 

Running is Where it's At

My ability to run has slowed down a lot lately, which I've mentioned more than once already, I'm not a fan of it but not much I can do to change it. 

The past couple of days I've been under the weather with a terrible cold I guess you would call it.  Major headache, everything hurts from my eye balls to my ears and glands but I'm not stuffy.  It's not been fun.  However, both days I have managed to get out and run because Tony was off work and I knew I had to take advantage of my change to get out and run.  I had to.  I'm running in a 5k next week in downtown Dayton (Ghost and Goblin 5k...anyone else??) and I can't fall behind too much on my running.  I don't want to lose it.

Tuesday night I went out on my own will and got in a pretty good run.  Went around 2 miles or so, no pushing myself just went with it.  I actually ran with music which I haven't done in a long time and it was what I needed.  It was a distraction from everything.  My headache, my lungs finding their rhythm, and my feet finding my right pace.  It was a great run. 

I look hilarious here and I can only imagine how funny it looked to those seeing me running and taking a picture at the same time.  it's not easy...try it! 
Last night I knew I should go out and run but rain was coming in and I wasn't sure if I could beat it coming in.  Thanks to Tony for his extra push "something is better than nothing" I headed out and ended up going a lot further than I planned on doing.  It felt great.  I felt peace and relaxation during it and I loved it.  I found my pace early and I just kept going.  Did a loop around my house and then said what the heck just head out further and I did.  Running with a cold is not easy, I was spitting and hacking up stuff more than I'll admit but I was out running and it felt great.  No music this time just me.  I loved  how my body felt when I was running.  My legs feel so good, my core feels stronger, it's amazing where I've come.  I never thought running 2.5 miles would feel that good.  It's therapy and it's awesome.  I love it. 

I always knew I wanted to be a runner someday and I knew it was in me.  And to say that now I can do something that not everyone can do feels great.  I am the only one who can make myself get out and do it. 

I am a runner and it's truly where my heart is.  Especially on the runs where I have no plans on how far...just to run.  Those are the best. 

What are your favorite kind of runs?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

I enjoyed a nice 3-day weekend this past weekend and it was just what I needed with a head cold coming on thanks to my daughter being so nice and sharing hers. 

Workouts this weekend:

Thursday night - 30 day shred
Friday morning - 30 day shred
Saturday - no time to workout
Sunday morning - 30 day shred

Wasn't feeling the running this weekend.  This cold is kicking my butt and I know it's not even at it's peak yet.  All I want to do is sleep. 

Things that I am learning about doing other types of workouts:

- I love ab workouts...I can feel myself getting stronger in my core and that helps out in a lot of other areas.
- I enjoy a good arm workout, it sucks but I can tell I'm slowly getting stronger here too.

Eating wise I kept everything pretty in check.  Didn't over do it at all but I did forget to track it.  Even at the wedding Saturday I wasn't terrible and drank mostly water the whole evening to prevent feeling full all night. 

Got my hair colored this weekend and Miss H decided to MAJORLY photo bomb my picture. 

My nephew sporting his cute bow tie at the wedding on Saturday.  Love this little dude so much!

Sunday I went to the grocery store to really stock up on some healthy food and snacks for the week.  I wanted to find some new things to try to keep me from getting bored but also good stuff that Miss H will enjoy as well.

Produce Section

 Now a days, I find myself shopping mostly in the outer parts of the grocery store (where the healthy stuff is) and I pick up a ton in the produce section. 

New snack
Miss H was telling me last week that she likes cucumbers (news to me!) but I got excited because that's a great snack for her and cheap ($.59/cucumber at the store).  I've heard that putting laughing cow cheese on them is pretty good and I did enjoy that.  Different but good. 

Ready for another week of good choices and daily exercise!