Monday, October 29, 2012

Training Days 3 & 4

Gonna make this real quick!

Saturday I did Day 3 of my training and did 2 quick miles.  This was a different run for several reasons:

1. It was COLD!  In the low 40s but it was also windy.  Make my eyes water big time and had to put my face down to avoid the wind. 

2.  I ran in running Capri's and a long-sleeve running top and it was the first time I wished I had something over my ears (can anyone recommend a good place to get one??) far I've been fine as long as my hands are warm but with the wind getting colder, I think I'm gonna need something over my ears. 

But I did it and was happy afterwards.  I didn't intend to go that fast but again, my body likes the colder temps and surprises me how fast I go in it.  

Day 3 - 2 miles
Pre - Run
Saturday afternoon I went shopping with my sis and found some great deals at NY&CO and tried on jeans and fit into a size 14!!!!

14 jeans baby!
I knew I already fit into size 14 dress pants but I just figured it would be a while till I could wear 14 jeans just because they are totally different type of pants but I was wrong!  My mind definitely played tricks on me thinking I needed bigger sizes while out shopping but each time I had to go back for smaller sizes! 

I'm now a size 14 pants and size large top.  SWEET!!!

Sunday I was re cooperating from a late night out with friends for a Halloween I didn't dress up, not a fan of Halloween but I did wear orange!  It was cold and very windy on Sunday and I needed to get something in, and so I took Toby for a good 1.5 mile walk.

I think he was even a little cold.
It was cold, I even put my hood up on my sweatshirt to block some of the wind, it was crazy and not much motivation for me to get out tonight and run 3 miles.  Hurricane Sandy is kind of messing with my plans a little.  So rude!

Overall I was happy with my weekend...and have my week planned out with my runs, hope I can get them in!

Happy Monday!!!

Questions for you runners who read this:

- Where do you get a ear muff/headband type thing to wear during the winter?  I want a good one!



  1. I got a moisture wicking one and it kept me warm on my 7am Saturday morning run at Target. It was 10.99 :)


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