Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

I enjoyed a nice 3-day weekend this past weekend and it was just what I needed with a head cold coming on thanks to my daughter being so nice and sharing hers. 

Workouts this weekend:

Thursday night - 30 day shred
Friday morning - 30 day shred
Saturday - no time to workout
Sunday morning - 30 day shred

Wasn't feeling the running this weekend.  This cold is kicking my butt and I know it's not even at it's peak yet.  All I want to do is sleep. 

Things that I am learning about doing other types of workouts:

- I love ab workouts...I can feel myself getting stronger in my core and that helps out in a lot of other areas.
- I enjoy a good arm workout, it sucks but I can tell I'm slowly getting stronger here too.

Eating wise I kept everything pretty in check.  Didn't over do it at all but I did forget to track it.  Even at the wedding Saturday I wasn't terrible and drank mostly water the whole evening to prevent feeling full all night. 

Got my hair colored this weekend and Miss H decided to MAJORLY photo bomb my picture. 

My nephew sporting his cute bow tie at the wedding on Saturday.  Love this little dude so much!

Sunday I went to the grocery store to really stock up on some healthy food and snacks for the week.  I wanted to find some new things to try to keep me from getting bored but also good stuff that Miss H will enjoy as well.

Produce Section

 Now a days, I find myself shopping mostly in the outer parts of the grocery store (where the healthy stuff is) and I pick up a ton in the produce section. 

New snack
Miss H was telling me last week that she likes cucumbers (news to me!) but I got excited because that's a great snack for her and cheap ($.59/cucumber at the store).  I've heard that putting laughing cow cheese on them is pretty good and I did enjoy that.  Different but good. 

Ready for another week of good choices and daily exercise! 

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