Friday, October 26, 2012

***Fashion Friday*** Black & Gold!!

Fashion Friday

~ Black & Gold~

I have finally jumped on the black and gold, black and brown phase and I LOVE IT!!!!

Like I love it so much I could marry it and be with it FOREVA...kinda love! 

Silver was on the rave forever it seems and now gold is coming back with a major bang and I wear gold now more than I wear silver it seems. 

I used to say I wore gold with more earth tones (browns, greens, red, etc) but now I wear it with everything.  I'm obsessed, I tell ya. 

pintest - this is premier's jewelry by the way

wow I look hot this morning (not!)




much better! 

I don't know what it is, but I just think it looks so classy and makes a huge statement.  It takes confidence to pull off the look which we all have and should rock constantly! 

Love me some black and gold tones and you should too!  It's everywhere this season! 


Day 1 of Turkey Trot Training

Day 1
Last night I did Day 1 of my training plan for the Turkey Trot.  Three easy slow miles which were tough.  My legs were tight, even though I stretched out pretty good before I left, I was still tight.  I stopped a few times to stretch out my caves or hamstrings so my time is off here but all that I care is that I ran 3 miles.  I'm not running for time here, I'm just running to complete it. 

Last night I took a different path that I've never had the courage to do because half of it is on a road with no sidewalks and part of it has no extra space on the sides for runners/walkers.  It's kind of dangerous and scary and I've avoided it just because I was nervous and a big ole chicken but not last night.  Some drivers I wasn't sure if they were going to get over or slow down for me at all, one I made sure to wave at as they drove by maybe a foot away from me...jerk!  But I ran against the traffic so I could see what was coming at me and could run in the grass if need be. 

However, even though it was a tough run when I turned down the street close to my house and saw my ending point, I became overwhelmingly proud of myself, seeing that part of my run and knowing how far I've come to get here was an amazing feeling.  I still can't believe I can run 3 miles and plan on working up to 5.  wow, just wow! 

Best thing of the whole night was getting this text from my BFF...put a smile on my face. 

Sometimes I feel like I look like an idiot out there and think I probably look like I don't know what I'm doing, and last night was especially one of those nights because I ran on a main road with a lot of people passing me on my run so her text was perfect! 

Have a great weekend! 

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