Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Neighborhood Thinks I've Gone Cookoo

Yesterday was my scheduled 3 mile run to finish out week 1 of training for the Turkey Trot and of course it had to be one of the windiest, coldest days so far this season all thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  Absolutely crazy that we are feeling the effects of a hurricane here in Ohio and we've got snow this morning!  But anyways, I left work really trying to not talk myself out of this run.  My mind kept saying "oh just wait until tomorrow maybe it won't be so bad tomorrow" but I knew I couldn't do that.  I needed to just suck it up and do it. 

And I did. 

wind slowed me down some...the headwind was insane

I'm still learning that running in the cold isn't as bad as just being outside in the cold.  I don't have a ton of winter running clothes yet and that made me really nervous that I'd have to turn around because I wouldn't be able to handle it.  I headed out with running capri's, a wicking tshirt and a running jacket.  That's it.  Crazy right? 

However, I was actually fine.  I was cold and wished I had something on my ears when I was heading right into the wind but otherwise I think I would have been hot with something on my head.  Yeah, you heard me right, hot.  It's amazing once you realize what you need to keep you warm in a run, and for me it's my hands.  I tuck my hands into my long sleeve shirts/jackets and I'm warm.  Once I was warmed up, my hands were out again and I was feeling good.  I started out against the wind, I guess they say that's what you gotta do, and I definitely did...several times!  But when I wasn't running against the wind, it was a nice break, if you will. 

There were several times I wanted to stop and take a break but I didn't let myself.  Not even once.  My right leg was tight and felt like I needed to stretch it out but I didn't let myself and it eventually went away.  I was even, dare I say, happy while I was out there in that crazy wind and cold temps...but I was!  I was happy to see that I was the only one out in my neighborhood still running.  Trust me I got lots of stares and people taking double takes when they saw me out running while people are layered up with winter coats and hats and in their warm cars.  I'm sure they thought I was nuts...but you know what???

I'm a runner...and I'm not letting mother nature ruin what I have worked up to in the past 6 months! 

No way Jose'!

At one point as I was running into the wind I even started to get mad and fight for my run.  I'm not quitting I told myself!  Bring on the wind...I.AM.NOT.QUITTING! 

When I got to 2.5 miles I was so proud of myself.  When I left my house I wasn't sure I'd last more than 10 minutes out here and here I was 2.5 miles later and I'm still going.  HELL YA!!!!!!!! 

I did a small loop and I started to think about how my next run was to be 3.5 miles.  The furthest I've ever run and I'll be honest...I'm scared of what lies beyond 3 miles.  It's the land of the unknown and I'm not sure how I'll do it.  But while I was thinking this the weirdest thing happened....I could tell without even looking at my GPS that I had hit 3 miles and suddenly my legs felt lighter and my level of effort I put in, didn't have to be so much.  And immediately I thought....I've got the next 3.5 mile runs, the 4 mile runs, the 4.5 mile runs AND the freaking 5 mile run!!!!!!!!!! 

I couldn't believe my confidence in my ability I felt. 
Me?!?!  Sarah! 
The one during volleyball seasons in high school who dreaded the 1 mile test at the track and the laps during track season for warm ups...here I am training for 5 miles!!!!!!  

I am a freaking runner!!!

Next couple of days is cross training and then Thursday is 3.5 miles!!!

Happy Tuesday!! 
Lots of Prayers going out to those of you on the east coast, especially my dear friends! 
Stay safe!!!

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