Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reporting In!

So you lucky chickas are going to be getting probably 2 posts from me a day a couple of times a week coming up just because I'm going to be reporting in to YOU my food diary.  Just simmer down. I know y'all are excited...simmer down now

Yesterday I went back yet AGAIN to my trusty "FitnessPal" app on my iphone and tracked everything that went into my mouth. 

There ya have it...I stayed within my 1200 cal goal and worked out to give me a little extra wiggle room, that I did not use!

Here's my lunch yesterday. 
Yes I put jelly on my turkey sandwhich and I know you all think I'm gross.  But don't mock it till you try it.  Don't ask me why I do this, blame it on my mom, this is what she always did when we were kids and doomed us for ever eating weird sandwhiches.  Even my sisters and brother do this!  And as weird as it sounds...the jelly is just enough sweetness that it kills me wanting anything else that is sweet.  aka chocolate!

My goal is to track my food every day, this is what I was doing when I was losing consistently each week and I've slacked off big time with it.  And when I track food, I'm sitting there thinking about how much I have left that I can eat the rest of the day and it makes me ask myself is it worth it??  Yesterday when I left work I had around 400 calories left to eat and I still had dinner to eat so I knew it would be close. 

I also plan on working out every single day.  I may not be able to get out and run every day, and I just have to accept that and move on and so I'm going to be doing whatever I can in my own living room on the days I can't get out and run.  Last night it was Tae Bo.

Did it for 25 minutes while Miss H was showering and eating her snack and brushing her teeth.  Was a hot sweaty mess afterwards but it felt great.  And because I worked out it made me not want to ruin my workout afterwards and so I just drank water the rest of the night. 

So there ya have it.  I'm going to work hard this week and stay on track and see what happens. 

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