Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Accepting the Inevitable

This is what we are dealing with here in Ohio.  You see those colors???  Yeah that means Fall is here.  Fall has always been favorite season of mine until I started running. 

I love wearing warmer clothes and layering up...get to wear my scarves!!
Lower electric bills due to the AC not running anymore
I get to decorate with pumpkins and mums and fall leaves. 

However...with Fall comes cooler temps (which I like) but that also means rain in Ohio. 

Yesterday was one of those days where it was chilly and rainy and yesterday afternoon while at work I was thinking about how I just need to suck it up and run no matter what the weather is.  I need to ask if people mind watching Miss H for 30 minutes while I go for a run.  If they say no, that's ok, at least then I know I tried.  I can't let the weather stop me.  I just can't. 

Texted my sister and she said she could watch watch Miss H at 6:30...perfect. 

Got dinner made, did homework and we were out the door.  Miss H got to see her aunt, uncle and cousin and I was able to head out on my run. 

And I suddenly was not motivated.  Who the heck WANTS to run in the rain?  I just wanted to lay down in the grass and take a nap not go run in it!  But I went out. 

First time running in the rain and first time running with a hat on. 

I hated the hat.  Made me hot and I just wasn't a fan of having something over my eyes.  While I was on my run I kept trying to think of where I could hide it and pick it back up on my way back home but no place ever looked good and I had another runner behind me following me and who knows...THEY might like wearing hats when they run and I'm not giving them a free one! 

Running in the rain wasn't so bad, but it definitely makes you want to wear the right running clothes and not a cotton T-shirt like I did last night.  It got a little heavy!

I also didn't feel good.  It wasn't a great run.  My stomach was a mess and a few times I had to stop and walk because I felt like I was going to get sick.  Which I hated because the dude that was following me last night on his run passed me 3 times last night!  ERR! 

But when I got home and showered I was glad I went out.  Still didn't feel the best but I did it.  Gotta accept that the cooler weather is coming no matter what and there's nothing I can do. 

My goal is to build up to running 3-4 miles from now until February 2013 and then I plan on starting to train for my first half marathon right around my 30th birthday.  :)  I'm kind of excited about it! 

Columbus half marathon - May 2013

Few other side notes....

Miss H got her school pictures back last night...made me want to cry when I put it in the picture frame and saw all the previous pictures I had in the frame behind the new one. 

1 year old picture and 6 1/2 year old picture
Also I've been working on my Fashion Friday post. 

It's about necklace placement.  If you're new to wearing a necklace it'll help you a lot...if you're'll think I'm a little OCD.  But I believe there is a right and a wrong way to wear a necklace depending on the neckline of the top your wearing.  Check in Friday!

Happy Hump Day!

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