Friday, October 12, 2012

Mama Sarah's ***FASHION FRIDAY*** Scarves

*~* SCARVES *~*

I am so excited about this topic...I super happy heart LOVE scarves!!!! 

Why I am I obsessed in love with scares? 

1. They keep you warm!  Which means I can go longer before I am forced to wear a winter coat. 

2. They are another way I can take my solid color tops and add some spice to it or color! 

3.  They show your personality and make a statement without hardly any effort!  (perfect for me because I'm lazy!)

I just pulled some ideas from pinterest because I think it helps to see the whole outfit on how to put together a great look and it starts with your scarf. 

Couple of things to notice...ALL the tops are pretty solid/"boring" colors/tops but look how the scarf pulls it all together. 

Love this look, a busy scarf (patterned) is much more useful than a patterned top.  This scarf you could also wear with any other color that in it and get a different look each time! 

Gotta wear green on St Patty's day...pull out a scarf!  Way cheaper than finding a new top. 

I do this look A LOT!  I'm crazy about grey but I wear color with it a lot.  You could wear this same top and pants with any color of scarf! 

Plain black scarf just adds the right amount of something to a plain white sweater

Scarves help  you go from summer to fall/winter.  A LOT of my dresses/short sleeves tops I wear with a cardigan and scarves in the winter. 

Another look I do a lot of!  Basic jeans, top and sweater, add some color with the accessories

A dressier look

Love this!!!  Another great way to add color

I am on the hunt of this look!  I have the scarf, I just need the top!  Notice how you do a busy scarf with solid color tops or a busy top with a solid color scarf.  Also notice how this girl has on a big watch and lots of bracelets.  I do this a lot when wearing a scarf...big earrings and lots of attention to my wrists! 

Where do I find scarves at?  ANYWHERE!!!

I am not a snob about scarves!  I just always keep my eye out for them.  Kohls, Target, NY&Co, Walmart (yup!), literally anywhere.  Scarves are so popular that every store carries them. 

One tip I do have when looking for scarves is make sure the length is long enough.  When I wear a scarf I want the length to hit me in the waist once I've tied it.  I'm just funny about it but I prefer longer scarves but I'm sure it all depends on each person's individual preference. 

Not sure how to tie a scarf? 

A video is nice to watch because you can pause it. 

My favorite ways to wear a scarf according to the video are called:

Modern Loop
European Loop
Magic Trick
Fake Knot

Have a great weekend!  We are headed off to a wedding this weekend and I'll be sure to post pictures on Monday! 

Don't forget your scarves this weekend!!

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