Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


my cutie patootie at just 6 months old!!! 

I hate dispise dislike a lot the holiday of Halloween.  It's my least favorite holiday.  Call me a fun sucker, loser, boring...whatever...I just hate it.  I'm a good sport though and wore orange and black today.  see I'm not a total loser!

I hate being scared so anything haunted is totally out for me. 

Not a fan of dressing up in costumes and if I did it would have to be over the top AWESOME or I would just feel dumb. 

And this year I especially hate the candy...candy didn't show up in my house until last night and I still ate 2 pieces! 

I swear this holiday is just after to make moms fat and dentist rich. 

Do I still pass out candy though? Yes

Do I take my daughter trick or treating?  Yes

Do we go trick or treating until I'm left carrying the candy basket because it's now too heavy for Miss H?  You betcha! 

Do my co-workers love me the next day for the candy I bring into work?  Duh! 

Happy Halloween to all you halloweening lovers...just don't scare me! 

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