Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Quick Reminder

Due to my blog becoming more popular I think I need to revisit a few things just as a reminder to everyone who happens to be reading this (thank you for doing so by the way!)

1.  Please PLEASE PLEASE remember that I am very sarcastic and that when reading this blog you should read it with that tone in mind!  What does that mean?  What comes out of my mouth is not dead on serious!  In fact most of any "picking on" or "making fun of" I may do on this blog...95% of it IS NOT SERIOUS!!!!  The only thing that is serious on this blog is my motivation to lose weight and to become a runner.  I'm real with ya'll but I'm not taking things too serious over please remember to read it with sarcasm.  If you don't get sarcasm, I truly apologize if what I've said offends you, but I'd recommend you to stop reading because that's just who I am and my sense of humor.  It's all in good fun!

2.  I am new to this blog world and I am going to screw up, so bare with me. 

3.  I have said things on this blog that may have implied by mistake that I "blame" someone for me being overweight or for who I am today.  And I will set the record straight that I take full responsibility for who I am and for me being overweight.  Sure things can impact all of us in our lives that may change our route that we take or who we become, but I am firm believer that everything happens for a reason and a true purpose.  So even though in some areas of my life I may have been dealt a crappy hand I accept it and move on and know that there is a great purpose for me and that for whatever reasons those things were meant to happen to me because I can handle them.  I apologize for anything that I may have wrote implying that but it was definitely not meant to be implied and I apologize for that. 

Ok back to our regularly scheduled....umm posts?  ha! 

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