Friday, October 19, 2012

***Fashion Friday*** & more!

I was lazy awesome this week with not feeling well and so I slacked on my Fashion Friday post.  So here it good ole' lazy Sarah fashion in one it is...

Impressed much??? 

No?  Whaaaaat?? 

Guess I'll need to explain for my fellow blonde sisters out there.  Last week we covered scarves and I'm pretty much in full-mode with wearing them every every other day because I love them.  I'm no fashionista but I love simple fashion and scares are simple fashion in my mind. 

Today I just have a simple black cotton T on from Kohls and I pair it with a red scarf for some color.  But what this Fashion Friday post is about is the fact that you can still wear a necklace with a scarf and I highly recommend it.  It's another one of those ways that just makes you look like you know what your doing that much more!  Long necklaces is where it's act girlfriends!

Frame those scarves with a long necklace.  Yes you are allowed to do this!  And it looks great!  Don't skip out on the necklace just because you have a scarf on.  I know I say this all the time...but trust me!!!  You'll look fabulous darling just fabulous! 

So there ya have simple fashion tip for the week in just one picture! 


Other news...and more pictures....last night I did the 30DS again...I'm really digging the weight lifting thing more and more.  I'm sweaty and tired and my muscles are shaking when I'm's like a big bowl of chocolate ice cream....well...sorda but not really.  Anywho...

Miss H grabbed my phone while I was working out and she thought she'd be miss paparazzi

hilarious...I look like I'm blown up like a balloon in the far right picture because I'm doing either jumping jacks or jump rope. 
So there's the proof that I did workout last night.  AND I stayed within my calorie intake yesterday. 

Rock Star!!!! 

What's in my lunch box for today
Also packed my lunch last night and I'm pretty excited about it....not gonna lie. 

Breakfast - Plain greek yogurt with granola and honey
Morning snack - Laughing cow cheese - have you laughed today??
Lunch - awesome salad with cauliflower, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes and light french dressing and my Luna Bar
Afternoon snack - apple

Yum Yum!! 

Have a great weekend y'all!  We are heading to the pumpkin patch this weekend! 

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