Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reporting in! 2lbs down!!!

Yesterday was day 2 of eating better and as of this morning I was down 2lbs in 2 days. 


Food Diary for yesterday
Yesterday I didn't do as "good" as the day before but I was still within my calorie intake.  I made the mistake of grabbing a frappe in the morning and that's one thing I hate doing is drinking my calories because it's a total waste of perfectly good calories that I would have loved to consume last night after the PTO meeting but I couldn't because I didn't have any calories left.  Boo!  Oh well, at least I was still disciplined!  Point for Sarah! 

Last night after I got home from the PTO meeting and got Miss H to bed I did the 30 day shred starting at 8:30pm last night!  YIKES! 

It was not easy to get motivated to do it because I literally had been going since 6am yesterday and had yet to sit down to just breathe for a moment but I knew if I sat down I wouldn't end up doing my workout so I just kept going.  It was a good work out and I was a sweaty mess afterwards.  But I felt great! 

Feels great to be back on track with things.  I'm only allowing myself one day of cheating a week and this week that's going to be on Saturday at a family wedding so I gotta be good up until then!  Plus I really want to see a number on the scale that is below anything I've seen in a while. 

Self Portrait just because there hasn't been one in a while and I'm SURE you have forgotten what I look like!  :)
Happy Hump Day Homies! 

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