Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Recap - Randomness

I don't think I've ever been so glad to see Monday come around (not really for the work part) but this weekend was just torture in the food department. 

Friday night the Braves were playing in their first round of the playoffs (baseball for you non sports chicks) and so the boyfriend dragged me to BW3s for dinner.  I was excited to get to hang out with him actually on a weekend (he works funky hours and is rarely off on weekends) and so it was nice to actually be able to go out and feel like we get to go on a date!  However...I knew I was going to be tempted with bad food choices and I really didn't want to be terrible.  I told myself I would be good and get a salad.  Which I did but I also go this...

beer!  Can't remember the last time I had one...earlier this summer that's for sure

Grilled Chicken Salad with dressing on the side. 
 So I guess they kind of balanced each other out right?  I didn't go crazy and I was happy at that point.  Side tip...I've leaned that I always skip the cheese on my salad and dressing always on the side and I just dip my fork into the dressing first and then grab some of the salad.  It's actually just enough dressing and doesn't kill the salad with the calorie loaded dressing. 

However, after that we went home to finish the game and wait for our friends to get back from the store that I started to crave sweets.  ERR!!! 

This past week Miss and I got hooked on DC Cupcakes on netflix and all week all I've wanted is to fly to DC to get a darn cupcake and I NEEDED one.  So I made the boyfriend stop at Kroger on the way to our friends house to pick up a cake.  I just wanted a little round thing but they didn't have any so we ended up getting a much bigger cake than needed.  It definitely served it's purpose of filling my craving but after I had a second piece Saturday I threw it away.  Yup...half the cake got thrown away because I knew I couldn't trust myself. 

I've got to get back on the bandwagon of eating right.  I've been slacking here and it doesn't help that the boyfriend is always leaving chips and pop around my house.  Why can't girls eat like guy and still not gain weight???  it's just not fair!!!  Right now I just can't have that stuff around, it's way too tempting and I can't trust myself. 

Saturday afternoon I made myself go out for a run.  It's been cold.  Fall is seriously here and it's not fun.  I like running in cooler weather but it's HARD I tell ya to get motivated to get outside when it's warm inside.  But I did it.  It wasn't the best run, I was really tight and could tell my Achilles tendon was tight which was causing some issues.  Got home and wore my boot a lot, which I've been slacking off on. 

Sunday afternoon I headed out again, hopin' it would warm up more but it did NOT! 

I was so cold even in my house that I didn't want to go outside in the really cold temps but I did it.  I was again really tight and had to walk some but I still was out for a couple of miles so I was happy with that.  Came back and wore my boot again and gladly took a little nap! 

I had to make cookies for work and I was so mad I said I would do that afterwards.  Way too hard right now to have that stuff in my house, I just can't.  Willpower isn't there with the food and I gotta get back on track with it. 

This week I vow to be very good!  I am keeping a food diary again and will show it to you guys daily starting today! 

I gotta get back at it, this isn't good and it's my fault!

Happy Monday!


  1. OK, not to be bad influence or anything... but Georgetown Cupcakes are the BOMB! They ship them worldwide so anyone can have a taste of the glorious DC cupcakes! They are awesome. I'm from thhe DC area (live in GA now) and I used to have them shipped, even though they were "local". The actual storefronts always had super long lines around the block out front. You should treat yourself sometime... If you follow their FB page, they post free giveaways and discount codes sometimes. You need to try them ONCE! My favorite flavor is their Pumpkin Spice... OMG... I actually just ordered some for my MIL's birthday yesterday... so goood!

    1. You are terrible! I did not need to know they ship out the cupcakes! hahaha! That's so bad!


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