Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bad Girl Reporting In!

So my great plan on cutting back on expenses and saving more money has kind of bit me in the butt...quite literally. 

In the last month I cut my cable bill down to just the basic channels.  No ESPN, no BRAVO (this has been hard), just the basic channels and lucky for Miss H she still gets Disney and Nick Jr.  However, because I no longer have ESPN that means Tony misses out on some VERY IMPORTANT news in the sports world which means when he's over we typically end up somewhere so he can watch a game of some sort. 

Last night the Cincinnati Reds were playing their 4th game in the series and we HAD to head to Applebee's. 

You can really look at it two ways...either I'm winning or I'm losing. 

I'm winning because it means we get taken out for dinner at least once a week. 


I'm losing because that means it's EXTREMELY hard to be good eating wise at a restaurant!  I dare you to look it up what your favorites are when you go out to eat and see how many calories are in them.  You'll be shocked!

I think it's more of I'm losing here though.  I ate way too much but I did eat a salad and only had water with dinner but appetizers kills me and I'm a sucker for spinach artichoke dip which is like the worst thing for you! 

Thankfully though I still didn't do too bad with getting in a 20-25 minute run last night IN THE DARK mind you once we got home. 

I should have planned better food wise for during the day and I would have stayed within my daily calorie intake but that's ok.  Everything in moderation and I still worked out!  I may have been a bad girl but I'm ok with it.  The scale went down .2lbs this morning, not great but at least I didn't gain! 

As for my run....well it was interesting.  We got home a little before 7pm last night and in Ohio the sun is setting right around 7:15ish which means I don't have much time before it's going to be dark out.  Got home quickly changed and got Miss H started in the shower and with Tony listening to the reds game on the radio...I headed out. 

I haven't been able to run much lately which sucks but there's not much I can do about it.  I just gotta take advantage of the times I'm able to and go for it.  It also means that I've lost some of my endurance which is really upsetting.  It takes me a mile to get my breathing down and until I hit 2 miles I feel like utter crap while running.  Last night on my run I went out and started running as soon as I got down to the end of the street, made a loop and went around a block and was heading towards my house again.  Wasn't planning on stopping but my body had other plans.  I had to rush home for a "pit stop".  My head was telling me to just stop because it was too dark out but my heart and body were telling me I couldn't be done after just 10 minutes.  I ate way too much at dinner and I couldn't not get a good run in last night.  So after I did my thing I headed back out again. 

I'm not a fan of running in the dark, just creeps me out and I worry about cars not being able to see me so I stick to sidewalks.  I'm a wuss but it's just something I'll have to get used to. 

I have no idea what the temperature was last night I'd guess in the low 50s maybe upper 40s when I was out.  I find it interesting how I have to dress for when it's colder out.  You would think that I would need sweats and a big sweatshirt but I only wear running capris and a running long sleeve shirt and I'm fine.  My hands get cold but I just curl my hands up and hold my thumbs and surprisingly that works great for keeping my hands arm.  Actually running gear definitely makes a difference, I wish it didn't money wise, but it really does.  The running top I had on was similar to this that I found at Kohls and it's a really thin top but it actually keeps me pretty warm.  Not sure it would be warm enough for anything below 40 degrees but for right now it's great. 

When I finally made the loop back to my house 15 minutes later I felt good again while running.  My breathing was under control, my feet weren't litearlly pounding the pavement anymore, and I felt good.  Even though I may be losing some of my groove of running I can tell it's still there it just might take me longer to find it but it's there and that's all that matters! 

Today is MY FRIDAY but still come check out tomorrow's Fashion Firday post on SCARVES!!! 

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