Monday, October 1, 2012

Mum Festival 5k Race Recap

This past weekend I ran in a local festival 5k race, the Mum Festival.  I was extremely nervous to go run this race by myself.  I left way too early but that was ok, at least I wasn't rushed.  I woke up at 5am all on my own Saturday morning.  That tells ya right there I was nervous...I NEVER wake up that early for no reason. 

Got dressed and tried to eat something to get everything moving and working before I left out the door.  Did some stretches and got Miss H up out of bed and we left.  Dropped her off at my sister's and I was on my way. 

Me before the race

very dark out when I left

Hardly anyone around when I got to the race location
Got checked in and brought my stuff back to my car, relaxed some and then just walked around for a while.  Wanted to make sure my legs were stretched and my feet were feeling good.  And then everyone came! 
Lots of people in groups running together, which was neat to see and made me miss my BFF even more that she couldn't be there with me.  All kinds of running clothes, shoes, etc.  I was nervous and not trying to freak myself out.  I kept reminding are not in competition with anyone here but yourself.  You are only in competition with yourself so don't worry about anyone else.  I am such a competitive person that I really had to remind myself this. 

I knew I wouldn't be fighting for any 1st place trophies, I was only there for me. 

waiting in line at the start
I hate the start of any race.  I hate how people don't understand you line up with how long it'll take you to run the whole 3.1 miles (even though they explained that) and so you end up weaving through walkers for the first half mile until you finally get through to those that are actually running the race.  I hate the gun going off, totally gets my heart going and I have to really stay focused on my pace and not jumping out too face (like I could anyways!  hahaha...I'm funny!)

The gun went off and I weaved my way through everyone and trying to find my comfortable pace and groove.  I found it and I couldn't believe how good I felt.  I probably smiled the first mile just because I felt good.  I was actually passing people.  I was excited to be through the mess of people and doing my thing. 

I tried to keep myself distracted and just kept looking around while I ran.  The town was all decorated in fall decor so that was exciting.  Love me some pumpkins, mums and corn stalks!  The weather was chilly but after the first mile I was regretting wearing the jacket I had on. 

But I just pushed my sleeves up and kept going.  Things always get harder for me between 1 and 2 miles for some reason and I just have to push through it.  They had splits at every mile and at the first mile I was 10:27 which was exciting because the crowd was really slow to move over the finish line, so I definitely ran a 10 min mile or less.  Went down a pretty big hill which was new to me, haven't done that yet and that took some balance work and pace to not go crazy going down it.  Hit the water stop and I grabbed a cup of water and I regretted it as soon as I grabbed it, they had them filled up completely, way too much water and I'm not sure if I got more on me or in my mouth.  But I never stopped!

Hit 2 miles and I really had to focus at this point.  Only 1 more mile to go, that's not that far, and thinking of how far that is on my runs in my neighborhood.  I can do 1 more mile.  People that were ahead of me were pooping out and walking and that made me want to walk and I had to push through it, I wasn't tired yet, my legs still felt good.  I wished I had music at that point just so I could block everything out.  Then I came up on a girl who I literally thought was going to hyperventilate.  I so badly wanted to tell her to stop and catch her didn't sound healthy or safe at all.  I felt bad for her.  I also saw people who were doing what I did in my first 2 5ks....not pacing themselves...pushing faster than they should of and not being able to run the whole thing.  Amazing what you learn in 3 months of running! 

I really pushed myself pretty hard the last mile...I wanted to be in the 31-32 minute range and I knew I couldn't afford any slacking off.  And then the end is near but so is the biggest and longest hill I've ever done and the finish line is at the very top of it.  FOR REALS PEOPLE??? 

I passed a dad and his two kids yelling for everyone passing them  "you're almost done" and they made me smile and think of Miss H and a smile came on my face again and I took off.  I was running fast and wasn't going to let myself stop until I got to the finish line.  I passed 3 people and crossed the finish line and was so glad to be done.  I was tired!  I had given everything I could to that race. 

My time per my phone

Official race time was 32:32.5.  I was proud of that.  My first 5k I ran/walked it in 37:59 on June 21st, so in 3 months I have cut off 5 minutes and 27 secs off my time...I'm pretty proud of that! 

Grabbed a few goodies for Miss H and my nephew and headed home.  After I showered and relaxed a little I started to get a headache...the same headache I have gotten after every single 5k race I've ran.  It sucks.  I don't get them when I run 3 miles at home but I do when I run in a race.  I don't know if I'm tensed up which I really focused on trying not to be on Saturday and I'm pretty sure it's not from dehydration but it lingered for most of the afternoon on Saturday.  And then I also realized that my right hip/inner thigh was really hurting and so I spent time icing that on Saturday and Sunday as well. 

I was hoping to run again on Sunday while Miss H was in religion class but I decided I had better just rest and let my hip heal.  Thankfully come Sunday night the pain was barely there at all.  Not sure what caused this but I found some stretches to help prevent it from happening again so that's a plus! 

Overall it was a great race.  Very well planned out, the course was nice and not boring at all, I will definitely do it again next year!

Rest of the weekend Miss H and I spent some time at the festival ourselves and it was perfect.  Perfect weather, perfect fall festival and just a great time with my daughter. 

She loves corn dogs....just the thought of a hot dog on a stick makes me gag.  ick!

If you are local and want to run a 5k race sometime with me...let me know!  It's much more fun with a partner there! 


  1. That's an awesome time!!! Congratulations!! Looks like you did extra, so your time has to be lower than that! Was it chip-timed?

    I usually get post-run headaches, especially after hard runs. Lately though I have found that I have to really hydrate myself before, during and after and I will be fine. Like I thought I was doing enough hydration, but my past few runs, I'd drink at least my entire bottle of water, and follow up post run with an electrolyte drink, then more water when I get home. I'm sure it has something to do with dehydration or electrolyte imbalance.

    1. Yeah I noticed that the distances didn't match up. I wasn't sure if the race was a little longer or if my GPS was wrong. And yes it was chip-timed.

      I think next time I am going to try a drink with elctrolytes in afterwards to see if that helps prevent the headaches.


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