Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm Ready for New Things!

Yesterday I was doing some research, aka talking to my BFF, about how I need do something to kick start my weight loss again.  I'm super duper stuck I feel and there is nothing I can do to get below 30lbs lost! 

I've been thinking about doing some kind of detox thing and my BFF suggested one that she tried and lost 10lbs doing so.  Cool!  Sign me up! 

Detox Drink

2 Liters of water
1 medium cucumber sliced thin
1 lemon sliced thin
1 tsp. ginger
10 mint leaves
Leave set overnight and drink a cup before each meal. 

Didn't sound too bad and last night I took a drink of it and surprisingly it was pretty refreshing.  This morning it is definitely stronger in taste but still pretty good. 

We will see what this does!  I'm not much into the whole fad diet thing and so I'm curious if this will do anything. 

Also yesterday I picked up this

Ghost and Goblin 5k
My first ever Race Bib.  This will be my 4th 5k but the first time where I've ever actually gotten a bib and yes I'm a nerd and excited about it! 

Last night I packed my bag for the race and just chilled out and drinking lots of water.  It's supposed to be in the mid 70s today so it'll be interesting to see how this goes since lately it's been mostly in the 50s when I've been running. 

Either way it'll be fun since I'm getting to meet up with some friends and Tony and Miss H are coming to watch! 

Wish me Luck! 

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