Friday, October 5, 2012

**FASHION FRIDAY** - Necklace Placement

FASHION FRIDAY - Necklace Placement

This Friday we are going to talk about an area that just drives me bonkers!  And if you happen to do this...don't take offense you just didn't know and that's a-o-kay in my book!  But don't let it happen again! 
mmkay pumpkin??  :) 

Yes I have been known to just go up and randomly fix someone's necklace because it's wrong (mom!) but I promise I won't do it to a complete stranger...but if you are at one of my jewelry shows...sorry all bets are off! 
I gotta make sure you girls are lookin' good!! 

You might think I'm crazy here and I'm the one needing help at the end of this post but I think you're going to see that there is a right way to where a necklace and it makes a big difference.  (at least I think it does)

First let's go over a few neck-lines of tops I'm going to cover. 

There they are...nothing special..but just so you know the difference.  The biggest thing to know is to place a necklace ABOVE or BELOW your neckline....NEVER EVER EVER!!!  AT Your neckline

Did you get that??  Your necklace either needs to be ABOVE It and I mean ALL of it or way below that neckline. 

Here's some examples of what NOT to do. 

Left - Crew neck - If you wear your necklace like this...99% of the time your necklace will fall into your shirt and you'll be pulling it out constantly.  It doesn't show your shirt well or your necklace.

Middle - Square neck with jacket - This one isn't terrible but I would still like to see the necklace above or below the neckline more. 

Right - V-Neck - This is just WRONG!  Oh my heavens this about puts me into a tizzy.  NO NO NO! 

Some of you may be instantly coming up with excuses to defend your necklace placement and girls...there is no excuse!  :)  I know your neck may be fat (been there) or the necklace just doesn't go long enough...

Here's a little secret

What is that?  It's an EXTENDER!!! 
Two inches of glory that will help you get your necklace where it should be!  Don't have one?  Typically you can find them in the jewelry section of any store, find a Premier jeweler close to you, OR just use a plain silver/gold bracelet you already have at home.  It doesn't matter what it one will see it if it's on the back of your neck hidden behind a jacket or a collar or your hair. 

So how should we wear our necklaces on the various necklines?  Check it out below! 

Crew neck

 See the different between these and the above left picture?  Yeah?!? 

Crew neck

I personally prefer long necklaces with crew necklines just because I know the placement will be fine.  Long necklaces with a crew neck is a no can't screw it up!  


 Oh boatnecks...I love you!  It's another one that you really can't mess up.  Everything looks classy on them.  But again, notice where the necklace is according to where the neckline is.  Never AT the neckline. 

Square neckline with a jacket (but could be any neckline)

 We are entering fall and jackets are a must in our wardrobe's right??  When I wear a jacket I tend to go a little "heavier" with my necklace and wear bolder pieces.  Why?  Because I think the jacket kind of "hides" some of the boldness and makes me feel more comfortable with the bigger pieces. 
With jackets, I tend to wear longer necklaces just because I like the verticle lines it creates right along the opening of my jacket.  1 verticle line is great...2 is awesome! 

Scoop neck

 Scoop neck is another pretty easy one to figure out.  You're either IN or OUT of that neckline.  Which is kind of what it is for every top.  Just depends if you want to draw attention up (short necklace) or if you want to create a verticle line.  I'm short in my torso so I tend to wear longer necklaces just because I like that it gives this illusion that I'm taller.  Either way you will look great! 

Square neck

 Square neckline is also similar to above...notice how nice it looks with the right placement! 


Look at this middle picture compared to the one I showed above that was way wrong.  Doesn't that look better??  Your necklace and top are complimenting each other not fighting for attention.  With a v-neck I love to wear a necklace that compliments that shape so I tend to wear a necklace that's in a V shape or adding a pendant to one (like the middle pic).  And once you get comfortable with wearing a necklace you can even pull off wearing something above and below the neckline (picture on the right). 

Hopefully I haven't confused you. 

The biggest rule of thumb is...never let your necklace and neckline meet at the same point.  

Always above or below and I won't be chasing you trying to fix  your necklace for you!  :) 

Have a great weekend!!!

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