Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekly Weigh - In, Picture Overload

So I lost 1.6lbs last week but I'm still in the same area I've been for over a month now so we will see what happens.  Total weight loss is 30lbs so I thought I would post some comparison pics since I haven't since July. 

I can definitely tell a difference in my face and arms! 

Starting point till now...lots of inches lost. 
 Even though I may be stuck...I do feel great!  It feels great to get dressed in the morning and know that ALL of my clothes fits me or is too big on me.  I broke out my first winter sweater this morning and I couldn't believe how nice it fit me.  I wish I had a picture of how this grey sweater looked on me before because it fit snug and now it fits exactly how it should fit but sadly I rarely kept any pictures of myself beforehand. 

Blurry picture but I'm rockin' the 14s today and it feels great!  Amazing how good it feels to have pants on that actually fit me and aren't falling down constantly!! 

Last night I ran around 2 miles.  Trying to not push it too hard this week so I am ready for Saturday's 5k. 

Did I mention I love running in the cooler weather??  Even though the cooler weather is making things harder to get outside and run, it's so comfortable to run in! 

Have a terrific Tuesday!!

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