Monday, September 24, 2012

Crazy Weekend with Surprises!

This weekend was kind of crazy on many different levels!  Fall is definitely here in Ohio and that is making things a little more difficult for me to get out and run.  I can't exactly force my daughter to go ride her bike so I can get a run in, I'm not THAT mean of a mom and I know that the complaining I'd hear how cold it was would totally defeat the purpose of even attempting to workout because it wouldn't last long at all.  Since the cold weather has been around I haven't been able to get much running in and that really bums me out.  I'm worried how I'm going to keep things going with not being able to run, this was on my mind this entire weekend.  Just one of those things where being a single parent truly limits me and what I can do. 

Besides running this weekend we went and purchased Miss H's Halloween costume (which I hate Halloween...hate spending the money on a costume that she will wear 2 times) but Miss H was in heaven with it, so it was worth it.  She wore it most of Friday evening and Saturday morning until she was forced to put on her soccer uniform. 

Princess Hailey
Me Saturday morning. 

Miss H's soccer game she's played all season
After soccer I decided it was time for some Mommy shopping.  I haven't shopped for myself in MONTHS.  I can't remember the last time I have bought something for myself, it had to be before April, and I am desperate for some new pants and to find a dress for some weddings we have coming up.  So after explaining to Miss H what was going to happen on this trip and how this was a mommy shopping trip...we headed out. 

Well let me just tell you that this shopping trip was the best yet!  We headed to a local Kohl's with coupons in my wallet and ready to shop.  I grabbed a lot of things...shirts, dresses, pants, and we headed to the dressing rooms. 

Now if you are a mom and have ever had to take your child with  you into a dressing know how that can go sometimes.  The things that come out of your child's mouth may or may not set the entire dressing room in laughter or making you run out of the dressing room before anyone else realizes it was your child that was saying those things!   I don't even need to know what I'm talking about.  You've either experienced it yourself or you've heard another mom threatening her child's life if they don't stop saying how bad something looks or asking why her butt looks like cottage cheese. 

So once we arrived in our little dressing room...I laid down the law with Miss H.  I explained to her that everyone in this room could hear what she was saying and if it wasn't nice she needed to keep her words to herself. ready to try clothes on!

Tried on several tops...some I loved...some I could do without.  I tried on a dress that actually Miss H spotted when we were out looking and LOVED IT!  Even Miss H said "it looked beautiful mommy!"  I felt amazing in that dress!!  Next I tried on some dress pants.  I grabbed size 16, I didn't think I was down to a 14 yet.  I know the last time I was at this weight I wasn't a 14 so there is no way I was one now.  The 16s fit,  a little big but I didn't think they were big enough to go down a size.  They fit better than my other pants so I was happy.  We left the dressing room and I kept thinking...just try on a 14 and see what it looks like...see how much further you got to go till they fit. 

So after telling Miss H we had to try on a few more things and we headed back into the dressing room with 14s and a grumbling Miss H (I just LOVE shopping with her!!!).   So I put them on and they zipped up...perfectly!  A little snug but they fit perfect.  HOLY FREAKING COW!!!!!!  a 14!!!!!  I can't remember the last time I wore a 14, it was probably before Miss H was born.  WOW!!!  Threw those 16s out of the cart and headed out of the dressing room with 14s!!  I was on a cloud nine! 

Me in 14s!  I got home and had to try them on again.  Maybe it was just the mirrors in Kohl's that made them look good??
I couldn't believe...still can't believe it!  But I am rocking those 14s today!!! 

Couple of my other deals I grabbed at Kohl's.  Great tops for layering! 
After a great afternoon of shopping I started thinking again about how I was going to get my runs in.  After trying on smaller clothes I was definitely feeling motivated and wanted to try to get a run in but I wasn't sure how.  The only time I would be alone this weekend was when Miss H was in her Sunday religion class but we typically go to church after that.  Well not this weekend, we ended up heading to church on Saturday at 5pm and this allowed me to be able to get all sweaty while Miss H was in her class Sunday morning.  Perfect!! 

Miss H getting ready Sunday Morning

Weather Sunday morning...little bit chilly!
Got to church and dropped Miss H off at her class and then I stretched and headed out.  It felt kind of weird walking out of my church parking lot in workout clothes but I held my head high.  Nothing to be ashamed of...I am a runner!  This weekend was great for me to "practice" running in some fall like workout clothes because I signed up to race in a 5k next Saturday and I wasn't exactly sure what to wear that will keep me warm but not hot.  So I started my RunKeeper app and started out.  Wasn't really sure where I was going to go because I've never ran in that area before but I just went with it.  I started out going down a main road and nothing is more motivating than passing cars and knowing they can see you running and you don't want to stop in front of them.  Got to a stop light and headed towards downtown. 

I love running in the downtown of the local towns.  Just so much to look at and keeps me from getting bored and really distracts me from what I'm doing.  I felt good while I was running but I was secretly hoping I would hit a stop light and have to stop but no such luck.  Somehow I hit all of them green and was able to keep going.  However at one point I started to pay attention to what I was doing and realized...I was going fast.  And by fast I mean...Sarah fast.  My legs weren't just slowly moving...I was running!  I couldn't believe it.  At first I thought, man should I force myself to slow down, I don't even know how long I've been going and I think I still have a ways to go to hit 3 miles I can't keep this pace very long.  But I stopped myself and just kept going...just see what happens I told myself!  Something I've learned with running is that your mind and body can be very different at times and not always on the same page and my body had a mind of it's own Sunday morning. 

So I went all the way through downtown and went around a block and headed back in the direction of church and then I realized I was going up hill.  Oh that's why it was so were going downhill a lot my mind was telling me.  But I wasn't so sure...I was still keeping a pretty good pace and was kind of shocked at myself.  Got back to the main street my church was on and my right shoulder started to hurt.  No idea why my shoulder hurts when I run but I stopped to stretch it out and look at how far I had gone.  I still had just over another mile to go but I had been running for 19 minutes and my pace was around 10:27ish/mile.  And when I started to take off again I started thinking about my distance I had to go yet and my time and it hit me.  

Oh my gosh I'm going to run a 30 minute 3 miler!  No way...that's can't be right I told myself but I just kept going.  I couldn't let myself focus on that.  I needed to focus on running and getting these 3 miles done.  Went past the church and turned down a street that was up hill the ENTIRE TIME!  So I really had to push it and I just kept telling myself...keep going..push harder...your really making some great time..don't lose it now!  I then turned down a side street that looked like it was down hill or at least leveled out to give my legs a break.  Turned around again and headed back towards the main road.  I got to the stop sign and pulled out my iphone and looked at my runkeeper. 

Holy cow!  That is 3 minutes and 92 secs faster than I've ever ran 3 miles! 
I couldn't believe it.  There is no way that can be right.  But I started thinking about my path and it had to be, I knew I went 3 miles and I even had to stop for 1 stop light and I didn't stop the clock for that so it was right.  OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!  WOW WOW WOW!!!  It was great!  I felt amazing and couldn't believe I could do it that fast.  I walked back to my car and now proud to walk into the church parking lock obviously not going to church but I am a runner!  Sat in my car and ate a protein bar and some water and just relaxed until Miss H was done.  And I just kept thinking...what the heck is going on this weekend!  Size 14 and now almost 4 minutes faster???  Weird! 

The rest of the day I felt so good, I was sore but felt so good and strong and because I worked out I was really good the rest of the day.  #1 reason I love it when I can workout in the morning, it keeps me motivated the rest of the day! 

That night I tried a recipe from pinterest....fall comfort food people. 

Chicken and Dumplings
It was amazing.  Not exactly healthy but that's why I eat off smaller plates to make smaller portions.  Everything is in moderation! 

Here is to a great week and prepping for a great race on Saturday and finding new ways to fit running in!!


  1. That's awesome!! Youare gonna kick that 5Ks butt this weekend!

    P.S. Are you on If not, you should join it! :)

    1. No I'm not but I'll check it out! :)


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