Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In....It's gettin' real in here

My whole reasoning to be sharing my weight loss story on a blog for the whole entire world to see is for two very real reasons. 

1. To hold me accountable.  I have family and friends who read this blog and if I put something on here and I know they are probably reading it (Hi ya'll!) and they see me in person and can clearly tell I've given up on my weight loss...well that would just be embarrassing. 

2. I'm also doing this because I want to share a real weight loss story.  It is not easy.  It plain sucks sometimes and I wanted to provide motivation or at least a true story for those looking to see how it works for someone else.  To follow the journey and not just seeing the end result.  Sometimes we go for months before we see someone and then realize they have lost a ton of weight and to the outside world it probably looks like it was easy for them, and that I'm sure is probably not true!  It's not all kittens and butterflies and pounds just flying off your body because you put your tennis shoes on.  Sometimes we slip up (like I reported yesterday) and you know what...that's how it is. 

And just to prove my point that it's real...I took one for the team and gained 1.2lbs last week just to show you that!  Very kind of me right???  I're welcome.  I can't lose weight EVERY week, I mean that just wouldn't be fair and making it seem waaaaaay too easy...just keepin' it real here folks, just keepin' it real!  (I hope you are reading this with as much sarcasm as possible...because you should be!)

So last night after the kiddos went to sleep...I did Day 4 of the 30 day shred.  It sucked as much as bad hair days do but I got through it and oddly I'm not as sore today as I thought I would be.  Even afterwards I wasn't that bad...dare I say my body is getting used to Level 1???  Either way...I'm planning on doing each level for 10 days each.  Only  26 more days!!! 

This little dude thinks when  I lay on the ground to do sit ups that it means he gets to be petted....not true little dude..not true! 
 Happy Hump Day!

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