Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Feeling Waaaay Too Comfortable

I guess one of the hazards of losing weight is becoming comfortable at a new level.  Along with being in a plateau right now, I think I'm feeling way too comfortable where I am. 

I feel great, I really do and that's great and all but it's not really.  It's not making me make sure I watch what I put in my mouth or making me count how many calories I eat in a day. 

I've let old habits sneak back in and that's got to stop NOW! 

So I'm starting back up again and using my friend that I think helped me more than I realized before was the "My Fitness Pal" app on my phone.  I use this to track everything that goes in my mouth. 

It holds me accountable to what I want to eat daily and I think that has made a huge difference in getting where I am today.  Yes I've lost around 30lbs but I still have 60lbs more I want to lose and I can't be getting comfortable now.  We aren't even half way there yet! 

Tonight after soccer I'm hoping to beat the sun going down and having time to get in a 3 mile run! 

I refuse to get comfortable at this point!  No way!

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