Friday, September 14, 2012

**Fashion Friday** Wardrobe 101: Layering Pieces

Wardrobe 101: Layering Pieces

This is the last week of Wardrobe 101 and then next week I'll show you how to throw all three areas of Pants/Tops/Layering Pieces all together to create one amazing and versatile wardrobe! 

This week we are covering Layering Pieces.  Now you are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about. 
Instead of saying jackets, cardis, vests, fly-away sweaters, etc....I've just lumped them all into one category...Layering Pieces.   So much easier! 

This is an area that I love and I truly believe can be either an area you can invest in or not invest in.  Some areas where I would be willing to spend a little more money would be on a GREAT blazer.  I'm on the hunt for one this season and if it fits me great, I'll probably spend anything (within reason). 

Blazers.  Any color and they are great!  Something that could go in and out of style, but it's a great staple to keep because it'll come back even if it goes out for a season, and for now, I don't see them going out anytime soon. 

Great for casual looks

And can be dressed up with the right accessories! 
All pictures are from pinterest.  Go look up pinterest and type in "clothes" or "outfits" and you'll find tons of ideas. 

Having all of those solid color tops will make your life easy and open to so many options.  You find a great black/grey blazer (what I'm on the hunt for) and you can add any color to it and layer with a great necklace or scarf this fall and you will look amazing! 

I'm also a huge fan of cardigans and fly-away sweaters (where the front of the sweater is longer than the back)

So many great options and in my opinion it's an area that you can never have too many of.  Which of course you could but I love layering up on my outfits.  Just adds great texture to your outfit! 

Layering a great jacket or cardi with your plain ole' white T and it instantly takes that white T up several notches!  Adding more accessories just makes the look even more finished. 

You can go for a great comfy look to a fabulous look with the same pair of trouser jeans and black just depends on what you throw on with it. 

Love this vest...goes either way for a dressier or casual look

Just the other week my BFF and I were talking about how we were so ready for fall so we can start layering up on pieces again.  I know I feel so much more put together when I've layered my outfit. 

Here is a picture of me from yesterday.  No I don't have a jacket on but this is an example of layering with your solid colors.  I love this top because of the boat neck but also because It looks great with a color peeking out from the bottom and dressed up with black pants or I wear it a lot with my trouser jeans and a black lace cami underneath with a black cardi/jacket to make a dressier casual look. 

Rule #1 with everything...make sure they fit you right.
 I'm breaking that rule right now because I'm cheap, all  my clothes are hanging on me, this top used to be tight on me and now you can see a little that it's definitely not.  You get the idea though! 
Have fun with your clothes and spend money in the right areas and watch what you spend in some areas.  Building the RIGHT kind of wardrobe only sets you up for one look and feel amazing all the time! 

Take the rule of making sure that anything that you buy can be worn with at least 2 other pieces in your closet already and you will continue to set yourself up for success!   

Happy Friday Ya'll!  Have a great weekend!

P.S. - I ran between 2-3 miles last night and then an hour after that I did the 30DS. 

It sucked and made my feet hurt really badly.  It wasn't I'm sore was real pain!  Nothing so far as made my plantar fasciitis act up until level 2...not sure how this is going to go.  I did a lot of this last night afterwards because my feet were in so much pain.  UGH!  :( 

Two large ice packs are under that towel!

Wore this stupid thing on both feet for 30 minutes each.  Not fun :(

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