Friday, September 21, 2012

**Fashion Friday*** Wadrobe 101: Putting it ALL Together

Wardrobe 101 - Putting it ALL Together for 1 Versatile Closet!

For the past three Fridays, we have talked about the basics you should have in your closet to set you up for never feeling like you have nothing to wear!  They were:

With focus on these three areas, you don't even realize how much you have set yourself up for one amazing wardrobe!  Trust me! 

The possibilities are endless ladies and you may or may not even realize it!  But your days of "Having Nothing To Wear" are over!  Especially feeling like you are bored with  your clothes. 

These three areas you can easily take them from dressy casual to dressy by simply just changing your pants, color of top or jacket/cardigan.  It's that simple. 

Here are just a few examples!

On the left..worn with Jeans.  On the Right...worn with black pants
Black cardigan - Marshalls
cami - NY& Co

Little more of a dressier/feminine look with the lace.  Worn with Jeans or black pants really gives you a different look!
Cardigan - Marshalls (best black cardi I've ever found!)
Cami - Kohls

Endless possibilities with just changing the color or jacket you have on! 
Black Cardi - Marshalls
Blue Cami - NY&Co
Kahki jacket - not sure it's old
White cami - Kohls
Are you saying to yourself...but these are so boring Sarah??? 

I didn't say those looks were finished though did I?  Remember me saying that with buying solid colors and purchasing the right pieces for your closet you start with a GREAT BLANK Canvas??? 

Your clothes in your closet should ONLY be 30% of your entire wardrobe!!!  What is the rest???


That my friends is where you take your "boring" blank canvas and have fun with it and can create a different look by just adding some great accessories to them. 

Perfect example!  Oh so boring on the left...WOW on the right. 
Grey Cardi - NY&Co
White cami - Kohls
Scarf - a small boutique at a local mall (Greene)
Look what just adding a scarf, a watch, bracelets and a pair of earrings can add to a "blank canvas"!!! 

THAT right there shows exactly why you should only invest in a few key pieces in your wardrobe because THEY are not what will make your outfit....your accessories will!!!  I could change up my scarf and jewelry on the picture above and get a different look every single time!

It makes a difference!  This top is actually a Michael Kors top that I bought at Marshalls.  Doesn't look so hot does it even though it's a BIG label  all by itself does it?  Nope!  But when I add my scarf from Kohls to it....hello I look a whole lot more put together!   
Most of the time I don't LOVE what I'm wearing until I've added the accessories to it and then I'm like "OH! this is a really cute outfit"! 

Next week I'll show you more ideas on how to add accessories to your blank canvas' to really change them up! 

Have a great weekend!

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