Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Will power where are you???

This past weekend I helped watch my nephew while my sister and brother-in-law went to Cabo to celebrate their 5 year anniversary and for some reason I guess I felt the need to go on vacation too because I hate like crap the entire weekend. 

Cuddling with this little dude Friday night

He's too cute for his own good.

I ate so much food on Friday and Saturday I don't know what my problem was but it was like I all my will power had disappeared for the weekend.  I wasn't able to run on Friday or Saturday because I had no jogging stroller and it rained and I also just couldn't figure out how to turn on my sisters treadmill...obviously it's Sara proof as well.  Maybe my lack of exercising didn't help me get out of my "eat everything insight" mode but oh well.  I'm starting over and I'll keep going.  Losing weight isn't easy and we all fall back sometimes, but we just gotta pick ourselves up and keep moving forward. 

Come Saturday night I was feeling miserable from eating so bad I knew I had to do something to kick myself out of it and so I took the leap and went and bought the 30 Day Shred.  It was hard but again it was only 20 minutes and that's not bad at all.  Feel like my muscles are going to give out towards the end but by the time that hits it's almost done.  Kind of fitting that I started it on September 1st, so I should be done by September 30th....30 days exactly. 

Dumbest line of the entire workout  "Now your on your way to be shredded"
Really?  Reason #998 why I hate workout tapes. 

I ran 2 miles Sunday morning and then after an hour of resting I did the 30DS again....ouch...I hurt the rest of the day.  Monday morning I was hurting bad but wanted to get another run in but didn't know how far I would be able to go considering how sore my legs were.  I probably ran 1.5 miles and had to walk some here and there just because of how sore I was.  I then did day 3 of the shred last night.  It was tough but I made it through it even with a 6  year old coming out of her bedroom with every excuse in the book to keep her from going to bed.  Feeling good though, definitely sore from the work outs but its good, I'm curious to see how I will feel on Day 10 and if I'll be ready to move up to level 2 of the work out. 

So sore after Sunday's run.

You guys are going to have to hold me accountable on this workout because I absolutely despise workout tapes...just feel so dumb and get bored easily.  I just gotta remember it's only for 1 month...only 27 more days! 

I took before and after pictures.  I look horrible and I felt horrible.  My allergies have been so bad lately that I just want to crawl in bed and never come out and hope the sneezing is gone when I wake up.  I also wanted to find something that fit me tight so I could actually *hopefully* be able to tell a difference in come the end of the 30 days. 

Can't believe I'm posting these pictures...so embarrassing.  Can't wait till the end of September to post the after pictures...they have to be better right???  I sure hope so! 
                                                      Off to find some relief for my allergies!


  1. Would be happy to help you stay on track! Email me at nascar24@centurytel.net....

    1. You are awesome Paula! I'm planning on reporting daily on here when I do the 30 day Shred...so if I don't...you better be asking what my deal is! :)

  2. I'll hold you to that...weekends are my toughest too. All week I can stay pretty focused and bam. Weekend comes and it goes out the window! I don't blog so I'll just check in here with you! Hang in there. You have made a lot of progress


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