Thursday, September 27, 2012

Total Randomness

No real point to this post...been feeling kind of blah lately with the cooler weather being around.  It's a double edged sword...I love fall and am excited for sweaters and jeans but makes things that much harder for me as far as getting out and running. 

I'm bummed for many reasons and I'm not sure how to fix the reasons I'm bummed about. 

Cooler weather means Miss H can't go with me on my runs, which totally limits me on how many days a week I can workout. 
Because of the above I'm going to have to suck it up and do workout DVDs which I despise with a capital D! 

decided to do the 30 day shred at 8:15pm last night

I looked thrilled don't I? 
I should be the queen of self portraits in the mirror by now!
I made myself do the 30 DS last night.  I need to get my sweat on and if I can't run I gotta do something! 

 This is when I feel very limited being a single parent and not having the freedom to just go outside and run.  The boy toy (Tony...the boyfriend or boy toy which ever you prefer) is only over 2 days a week which I can always typically count on running on those nights.  But otherwise I'm stuck...I feel terrible asking someone to watch Miss H so I can go run for 30-40 minutes and so I'm forced to do what I hate doing.  ugh!  I know I know...just get over it Sarah! 

Last night was the last night of soccer for Miss H and I'm going to miss it.  I love watching her games and being a soccer mom.  I'd spend every day running that kid around if I could...I love that!  Makes me feel alive! 

Miss H was a great goalie last night!  Stopped two balls from going in the goal! 
Kind of creepy seeing the steam come out of the canning factory behind her though right?? 
She's smokin'!  bahaha...I die...I'm hilarious I know! 

Anyways...even though I'm bummed about some things.  In the past year or so I've really been working on just enjoying things right where they are...especially when it comes to Miss H. 

Saw this the other day on pinterest and then someone posted it on FB yesterday and I love the reminder this is to me.  It is something that took me a while to learn but I've gotten there. 

Being a single parent, at least for me, I have to really make myself focus on letting things sit and doing what I will never get back. 

I'll never get back these moment where Miss H is little.  I so wish I could go back to when she was younger and enjoy her more rather than worry about getting behind on cleaning or laundry or picking up after her every single time she left a toy out. 

Plus I am realizing it more and more now that I need to spend time playing barbies with Miss H or reading books with her or playing games because those are the moments that we get to talk to each other.  That she opens up to me and more than anything I want to make sure that she never stops talking to me.  I want to know everything!  I want to celebrate with her when she succeeds and cry with her when she realizes she made a mistake.  It's all good and it's her growing.  I'd rather her make mistakes and me be by her side than for her to do them later on or hide them from me. 

So the cleaning can wait and the dishes in the sink or putting away laundry (which I'll gladly do)

This baby has been sitting on the floor, the chair, or couch since Monday night I think.  I rock!
Because I will never get these days back of Miss H being 6 years old.  Time goes way too fast and literally she's going to be graduating from high school and off to college like tomorrow and our time together will never be the same.  So I'm enjoying it. 

I'll be sad the day she no longer wants to ride Sandy the horse at the local Meijer. 
That horse has definitely earned it's keep by our pennies. 
My 2nd favorite part of the day...picking her up after I get off work from the sitter. 
Don't know why this is one of my favorite parts, but my heart aches every single time I see her and realize how much I've missed her during the day. 

Love that little girl more than anything.  I may be a single mom and it truly limit what I can do sometimes but I know someday my time will come and she will no longer be at home anymore and I'll wish for these days back. 

Do you struggle with living in the moment with your kids?

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